Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Screening & Panel Q&A of "Love Etc"

I finally decided last night. "Love Etc" won out. I went to see the screening and the panel discussion and Q & A afterward. I wasn't

"Love Etc" is a documentary, set in NYC and that alone is enough reason to go. The filming is beautiful. The city is beautiful. The 5
different love stories are beautiful.

I releated to something in each of them.
It isn't like a documentary with facts. It's about people and their lives
over a year period. They are warm, funny, sweet, real.

I didn't realize that it was assigned seating. But, as luck would have
it, my seat was front row and center. I happen to like the front row
so that works. And what worked even better....the young guy in love
in the film, Gabriel, was sitting by me in the front row when the panel
discussion was taking place. Cute!!!!

Jill Andresevic, the director, did one fabulous job! And it is her first feature.

"Love Etc" opens this Friday in NYC and throughout July in other cities.
I highly recommend this very feel good film!

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