Sunday, February 19, 2012

'Wit' on Broadway with Cynthia Nixon

   Just experienced another fantastic Broadway play. 'Wit' is at the Samuel J. Friedman theatre and stars Cynthia Nixon as Vivian Bearing, a poetry professor with cancer. Cynthia is excellent from the first instant on stage and never loses her momentum. She teaches her students about the poems and metaphors of John Donne, a seventeenth century metaphyscial poet. She has a passion for his words and their meaning. She dissects the poems with fervor, leaving her brightests students to ponder and the others to find excuses for not writing their papers. Vivian has a strong sense of intellectual superiority, brought full circle in her final hours as she finds compassion from her nurse who knows how to comfort, but knows nothing about cerebral poetry. With her last breath she realizes there is more to life. No wonder the play is so marvelous!!!!

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