Saturday, April 20, 2013

Where have I been?

Does anyone find moving to be a fun thing? If so, please share why. I would like to hear the positive side of the experience.

I have plenty of stories to share, people I've seen, read, heard, enjoyed, etc, but I have been preoccupied in the midst of maintaining the fun events with the not so fun packing, searching for a new home and working on a comic book, trying to write my screenplay, and going to work. The only part of the above I didn't like, packing, searching for an apartment, and moving.

The good news is, it is done. I am happy. Better than happy and ready to share some fun experiences.

One thing going on here in NYC, right now that you probably won't want to miss is "Macbeth" with Alan Cummings on Broadway. I plan on seeing that one. Can't wait, but going back to where I left off.....which was heading into mid February...I did see Alan Cummings at the IFC after a showing of the film, "Waiting for Guffman." That was a super treat because I've seen every Christopher Guest movie except that one. I loved it and loved the interview after....

Here's some pics from that one:

Next up came James Toback. The movie James spoke about in the Q & A was: "FACES."  It is a John Cassavettes film from 1968. I had never
seen that one either and enjoyed it a lot. There was much to be learned
during that discussion. And I'm a fan of James Toback's movies. I have
always loved "Two Girls and a Guy" a lot. Robert Downey Jr. is in that one. Think I'll watch it again later....That's right after I watch "Tap" with Savion Glover...eager to watch again because I saw Savion last night and am always, always, mesmerized by his about being in your bliss...there's a reason he's known as the "best tap dancer in the world." I had tap classes for 35 years and really appreciate the gift he gives every time he dances.....cha cha cha

I know it's dark. The flash didn't work. But this gentleman was John Cassavettes cameraman for 30 plus years and very awesome. Better
picture of him above this one.
And then it was time to go watch the Oscars with the family. We had a magnificent time and were very happy with the winners.......................I'll be back tomorrow to do some more catch up until I'm back up to real time.....