Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bird Brain

Reading Jeremy Narby's books (The Cosmic Serpent and Intelligence in Nature), both awesome. Lots of material about plants, animals, and humans, I'd never thought of before, but things that are very good to know. A shift in one's perception can be a very good thing, I think. Here's one thing that really stood out.....Pigeons can distinguish a Van Gogh from a Chagall as well as a university graduating class. Point is, smug humans, such as myself, too readily discount the intelligence in other living creatures (plants and animals and birds, etc.) Thus, someone coined the term Bird Brain. But now knowing that birds have intelligence (maybe they crap on you on purpose did you ever think of that?) maybe you will want to think twice before upgrading the intelligence of the dumb ass you;re speaking of by calling them a Bird Brain.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Went to the dogs/Became more Enlightened/A week in Brookly

Did you ever sign up for something and then wonder what you were thinking? It isn't something you do once in life, but every so often. You tell yourself, I need this and here's an opportunity, or what have you, so you sign up and let the fun begin, or as is more often the case, pray the ordeal will soon come to an end.
As the title to this blog states, I spent a week in Brooklyn taking care of dogs and became more enlightened.
This wasn't the first time I've had this gig, but it was the first time in summer and it's the first time since I've moved from Manhattan to the other side of the Hudson. There is no comparison other than it was the same building, same apartment, same dogs.
Enlightment # 1. Commuting from Manhattan to Brooklyn sucks, but commuting from Jersey to Brooklyn and to Manhattan blows goats.
Enlightment # 2. Dogs really do seem to age 7 years to our 1. These girls were frisky dancers two years ago when last I stayed with them. Now they barely move. (There is the possibility that it was just to hot for them to move in the humidity.)
Enlgihtment # 3. I have become finely tuned to the energy of a place. I was fairly good at it before, but now it's overwhelming. (I think this comes from a great deal of practice to perfect this quality, although it does seem a little determintal to your health while in the experience.)
Enlightment # 4. There are creepy people in buildings no matter where you live.
Enlightment # 5. I have outgrown the gig.