Saturday, February 9, 2013

Last night in the Blizzard, 'Warm Bodies' and today post blizzard 'The Heiress'

Yesterday, as the day progressed, the big news was THE BLIZZARD. Is that any reason to not go to a Friday night movie, I ask? Not for me. Unless, I thought, they close the movie theater. Lucky for me that I was released from work early due to the storm and the 4:45 movie was playing. Not to many, but a few. When it ended the concession stand was dark and the popcorn gone. But I saw 'Warm Bodies.' An apt title for a very cold, white night. I didn't realize that cute boy, Nicholas Hoult, was the boy from 'About a Boy,' one of my favorite movies of all time. But it is. He has better hair now. Even when he's a zombie.

The movie is fun. I liked it a lot. Go see it!!!!

Today, just by superior luck, we got last minute tickets, 6th row, to 'The Heiress.' I really, really wanted to see it and it closes tonight. I loved it. Jessica Chastain, Dan Steven, David Strathairn are all fantastic. I saw 'Zero Dark Thirty' the Friday night before. Jessica was marvelous in it. And, I've been tuned into 'Downton Abbey' for the past 23 nights on Amazon Prime so to see Dan Stevens was very exciting too. I took a terrible picture of myself with Dan so I can't share that one, but he and Jessica were so very nice and posed for pics.