Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kim Cattrall in 'Private Lives' on Broadway

Last weekend it was 'Seminar' with Alan Rickman. Today it was 'Private Lives' with Kim Cattrall and Paul Gross

'Private Lives' is showing at The Music Box theatre where I went to see 'Jerusalem' again and again. I love that theatre. It seems very magical.

The Noel Coward play is like watching one of those great old black and white films where they ladies are always dressed in beautiful gowns and the men are
always dressed in suits. Rich and glamourous. And chemistry!!! Those two sizzle on stage. It's really lots of fun.

It runs through February 5th, so if you're in town, this is a great play.....
I met Kim before when she wrote her book, 'Sexual Intelligence.' She's
extremely beautiful, kind, and friendly. I told her I had written a part for her
in a script and she said, "I'm there, girl." Ya never know!!! I did write it with
her in mind....and stay tuned for a video on when you search for 'Nitches.' Probably be there by tomorrow.....

Here are some pictures from today and the book event about six years ago.....

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