Monday, August 22, 2011

Jersualem closes with a final brilliant performance by all the cast

'Twas like a fairy tale!

I strugged with myself. Do I go to see "Jerusalem again or do I not?" See prior posts.
The angel won and I went, knowing that I would be very sad if I did not bask in the
wonder of that marvelous play and it's actors one more time.

I first saw Carol Kane as I stood in line to go in. Once inside I saw Steve Buscemi take
 a seat a few rows ahead of me. Then the usher comes over to me and asks if I would
mind moving down front. I was in the orchestra back row. I said, "No. I don't mind."
And there is Liam Neeson giving me his ticket so he could sit in the back.  He said I was
very sweet.  Honestly I would have traded seats with anyone, but I was getting a better
seat, so cool.

And then, across the aisle is Brooke Shields and Alicia Silverstone with their hubbies.
I'm a big fan of Alicia's book and website, "The Kind Life." Great receipes and sharing
of food and kind things.....

The play began. I was mesmerized once again. Mark Rylance is too much for words.
I could watch his performances for days on end. Mackenzie Crook is tremendous.
Maybe you know him from British TV, "The Office" or "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.
Spectacular. And Alan David as the Professor, stupendous! Everyone is simply fantatic.

Come back soon. All of you!!!! If you're going to London, catch it there.

The Dude is so nice

Jeff Bridges was at Barnes and Noble on Thursday night to sign his new CD.
The songs played as we stood in the que, waiting to meet the gracious "Dude."


He spoke with everyone and was so so nice. He said, "How ya doin'?" I was doing
just fine I told him as he signed the CD and a limited edition of "The Big Lebowski."

The que was wrapped around the block with lots of dude looking people in it.
One guy had his guitar signed and proudly showed it to everyone afterward.

It's always such fun to meet someone you've liked for a long time and find that
they are even cooler than you imagined....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My weekend movie is Fright Night

I was very excited about seeing Fright Night this weekend. I was not one bit disappointed either. It's awesome! And in 3 D. I love Anton Yelchin and he's great. I'm a huge Buffy fan and this movie reminded me of a few Buffy elements. I do not like anything really creepy but I like most movies and stories about vamps. This post may be a little odd. I'm posting from my phone. Laptop is on the Fritz. One of the coolest things ever about Fright Night was the 3D effects especially when burning ash was involved. That was a first for me. Sunlight and wow.

If you've never seen Anton in Charlie Bartlett, that's another really good movie. Robert Downey Jr is in it also.

Friday, August 12, 2011

'The Help' with Emma Stone

Just saw 'The Help.' Fantastic movie, great title, excellent cast. Emma Stone was marvelous. Viola Davis took my heart in many scenes, Octavia Spencer was tremendous, Bryce Dallas Howard was a perfect meanie, Allison Janney was super as always, Cicely Tyson is always a pleasure to see on screen, and Sissy Spacek was brilliant. Anna Camp, the creepy preacher's wife from 'True Blood,' got to play that character again in this movie, a shallow southern belle. Still a great character. And even with lots of characters, it wasn't too much. Another opening night where the audience clapped when the movie ended. I love that. Another night when the audience was well behaved. I love that even more.

I saw somne trailers of movies I so can't wait to see. 'Like Crazy,' I'm very excited about and love everything Anton Yelchin is in if I haven't mentioned that before. This movie is a love story and a winner at Sundance. Also, next Friday night is 'Fright Night' with Anton Yelchin again and Colin Farrell. Schwing.

Saw an interesting trailer for a Disney movie with Jennifer Garner. It's called 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green.' Magical and fun, I think.

Keep 'em coming. Movies. Movies. Movies.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jane Fonda in NYC with brand new book 'Prime Time'

     Jane Fonda's in town talking about her new book 'Prime Time.' I ran out and bought it yesterday and attended a really awesome evening at the 92Y with her speaking for about 90 minutes about her new book. She is an excellent speaker, and unlike many, she stood up at the podium and spoke without an interviewer next to her. She shared personal experiences, research, and many positive words about growing older. It was very inspiring and I can't wait to read the entire book. She also covers the topics of love, friendship, sex, and exercise.
     I met Jane when her biography came out and at that time she spoke about still believing in love and said she'd like to meet someone on her terms now that she'd learned not to act like she believed someone wanted her to be. You might have to read that sentence twice. tee hee Anyhoo, I asked her why she didn't start with making another movie with Robert Redford about that subject. She looked at me so funny. I'll not forget that look. I still don't know why it seemed like such a crazy suggestion. Or maybe I just read it wrong. She signed my book and drew a heart anyway so maybe she thought it was a good idea. Last night she thanked me for coming, but didn't draw a heart.
      Tonight, she's doing a talk at Barnes and Noble in Union Square. It's going on right now as a matter of fact.
     Here's a pic of Jane from last night. She looks marvelous!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes and James Franco

I just saw 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes.' James Franco was good in it. I'm going to have nightmares about the chimp's eyes. And I did not know that Draco Malfoy was in it. But he was. I had a little problem with the 'Five Years Later.' at the bottom of the screen. The only thing that was different was that the chimp had grown. They did that a couple of times. Everyone and everything else looked exactly the same.

Speaking of James Franco, did you know that he has a book out titled, 'Palo Alto' and that he is an excellent writer. I went to an event where he read from his book. So entertaining. I was loving reading the stories myself, but even better when James read. Here's some pictures from that time.....

Monday, August 1, 2011

What a weekend...Harry Potter again, Daniel Radcliffe again, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and Pilobulus

I haven't stopped smiling for 2 days. Come to think of it, that's nothing new, but there is a different feeling around the smiles. More excitement. It was a stellar weekend for sure.

First there was my second time seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. That was Friday night. Saturday morning I saw Stupid, Crazy, Love. I would have liked a lot more of Ryan Gosling in that. But straight from that movie to The Joyce Theater to see 'Pilobulus.' It has been a very long time since I last saw them live and they are still fantastic. Those bodies are extraordinary.....

And front row tickets to How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying...which was tremendous and sensational and total fun. Daniel Radcliffe was not Harry Potter, but a fabulous actor performing another incredible role. Dancing his heart out and looking skilled and awesome performing. Wow and wow and woooooeeeee. And it didn't stop there....front row again after the show. He took my Playbill to sign and I said, "You were fabulous." He looked at me with the big blue eyes and said, "Thank you very much." I was asked if he has an English accent in the play. No. Totally American. But when he thanked me he was British again. Just goes to show you that he will be entertaining us for a long time to come if he desires to do so because he is multi-talented, sincerly kind, super intelligent (Know this from listening to him talk to Jordan Roth at the YMCA, see older blog), and on and on. But all so true. I am beyond grateful for these experiences. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Here's some pics from yesterday.  John Larroquette and Christopher J. Hanke in the photos were spectacular in How to Succeed and charming and nice. The entire cast is super. The sets are great. The music is great. Get there if you can.