Saturday, April 14, 2012

James Franco at The Strand Book store

Last night James Franco was at The Strand in NYC to talk about his movies, his books and his art. The title of his new book is 'The Dangerous Book Four Boys.'

I should take a picture of the book for you. I bought two of them. I love the wild cover. There's a picture of James and big red lettering with the title and his name and a collage of pictures.

A film was shown where James, with two other guys, go to Paris so that James can pitch his movie to Wes Anderson. I would love to have the music that was played in that little film. It was French and beautiful. This wasn't serious stuff. Far from it.

As in the film, so in the book, James wears a penis on his nose thus it is called, 'Dicknose in Paris.' It is his fake dick from the movie 'Milk.' He said he got all buff for his nude scene in the movie, then they end of giving him the fake one to wear, but Sean Penn didn't know it was fake and said, "That Franco has everything."

This new book is James combing different art forms. He explained it much better than I'm doing, but the 'Dicknose in Paris,' and his art from him exhibit here in NY are now shown in his new book which is great!

See the previous blog for his great book of short stories, 'Palo Alto'.

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  1. This was the most unorganized event I have ever been to.