Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Coming Soons that I'm excited about and the shallow reasons I have

Top on my mind tonight is the movie 'Anonymous,'  a Roland Emmerich film. I really can't wait for that movie to come out this fall. The tagline is: "Was Shakespeare a fraud?" None other than the great Mark Rylance is in this film, the recent Tony Winner, as Gloucester. Also Rhys Ifans, Vanessa Redgrave, and her daughter Joely Richardson. Also David Thewlis who always makes me think of the movie, 'Naked.' He's also in Harry Potter films as Remus Lupis. I have bought my DVD of 'Deathly Hallows' Part 1 and watched it as I wait for Part 2. It is sad to think it is the last one just as it was sad when the last book was finished. But still, can't wait.

Working my way from back to front here, I am going to see 'Green Latern,' on Friday. Here's where the shallowness of me comes in. Ryan Reynolds in a leotard. That's all I need to know.

Going back a another week, last weekend I saw 'Super 8.' Here is what I liked:
The kids in it. The first hour. and......the Dad was good. And Elle Fanning was suddenly a big kid.

I saw 'Midnight in Paris' and 'Bridesmaids' again too.

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