Saturday, October 5, 2013

Gala Tribute to Cate Blanchett at NYFF51 and Bill Nighy

This week has been a grand week at Lincoln Center with the NYFF51 in full swing.

I met Bill Nighy and that was a huge thrill. Richard Curtis, one of my favorite directors was there along with Domhnall Gleeson. Sorry I didn't take pictures. Bill Nighy and Domhnall Gleeson, along with Rachel McAdams are in Richard Curtis' new film, 'About Time.' This was a movie that was just about the best feel good movie of all time. I loved every single moment of it. Don't miss it. Awesome!

The next night was the tribute to Cate Blanchett who was beautiful and funny. There was a showing of 'Blue Jasmine' after the interview and montage of Cate films. I've seen 'Blue Jasmine' twice already. She is tremendous in it and of course it's excellent. It's a Woody Allen movie. Woody even had some screen time where he told Cate how great it had been working with her and that he hoped to do it again. She was touched by his comments and asked the interviewer, "How'd you get him to do that?"

Enjoy the pictures.....

Also, saw a screening of 'Galaxy.'  Tremendous. Oscar stuff!


Friday, July 19, 2013

'Red 2'

I went to a screening of 'Red 2' last night. Awesome! I didn't know there was a 'Red 1.' But with the posters on every bus stop around the city, I knew I wanted to see this one. It didn't matter that I had not seen the first one. This one was so fantastic. Helen Mirren is such a bad ass. I love that lady. Mary Louise Parker, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Anthony Hopkins, all magnificent. The dialogue is great and the pacing is perfect. Never a dull moment. Fresh, entertaining and great fun...... Go go go.....

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Savion Glover at The Joyce and "World War Z" not to mention "Man of Steel" and "This is the End"

Hi. Looks like the summer is warming up in more ways than one. Movies. Movies. Movies. And if you're in the area of NYC and love dance, don't miss Savion Glover at The Joyce Theater. "STePz" is the clever, fun name of the show. I've seen Savion six times now and have loved each show. I have to say, it just keeps getting better and I don't know how when I always think it's one of the best things I've ever seen.

Before I get on to the movies, I want to mention "Newsies" on Broadway. I've seen a lot of Broadway and "Newsies" is now in my top five of all time. I think it is number 2 after "Jerusalem" with Mark Rylance. The dancing, the singing, the actors, the story, all incredible.

Two reasons to visit NYC. Savion and "Newsies."

I liked both "World War Z" and "Man of Steel." I didn't love them like I loved "Iron Man 3," but I enjoyed them. "This is The End" was funny and another one I love, James Franco. He's awesome in it.

The Zombies were pretty cool in "World War Z." There are a lot, a lot of them. Brad is always nice to watch. It has some nail biting moments. I would have liked a little more.

The new Superman , Henry Cavill, is very cute. He did a wonderful job and Russell Crowe was perfect. There's a new lego of Jor-El which Russell tweeted he was excited about because his two sons love legos so much. I didn't care a whole lot for so many scenes of the spaceship that looked like a giant roach. Amy Adams and Diane Lane were good too.

Coming up...."The Lone Ranger".....cannot wait!!!! 


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Where have I been?

Does anyone find moving to be a fun thing? If so, please share why. I would like to hear the positive side of the experience.

I have plenty of stories to share, people I've seen, read, heard, enjoyed, etc, but I have been preoccupied in the midst of maintaining the fun events with the not so fun packing, searching for a new home and working on a comic book, trying to write my screenplay, and going to work. The only part of the above I didn't like, packing, searching for an apartment, and moving.

The good news is, it is done. I am happy. Better than happy and ready to share some fun experiences.

One thing going on here in NYC, right now that you probably won't want to miss is "Macbeth" with Alan Cummings on Broadway. I plan on seeing that one. Can't wait, but going back to where I left off.....which was heading into mid February...I did see Alan Cummings at the IFC after a showing of the film, "Waiting for Guffman." That was a super treat because I've seen every Christopher Guest movie except that one. I loved it and loved the interview after....

Here's some pics from that one:

Next up came James Toback. The movie James spoke about in the Q & A was: "FACES."  It is a John Cassavettes film from 1968. I had never
seen that one either and enjoyed it a lot. There was much to be learned
during that discussion. And I'm a fan of James Toback's movies. I have
always loved "Two Girls and a Guy" a lot. Robert Downey Jr. is in that one. Think I'll watch it again later....That's right after I watch "Tap" with Savion Glover...eager to watch again because I saw Savion last night and am always, always, mesmerized by his about being in your bliss...there's a reason he's known as the "best tap dancer in the world." I had tap classes for 35 years and really appreciate the gift he gives every time he dances.....cha cha cha

I know it's dark. The flash didn't work. But this gentleman was John Cassavettes cameraman for 30 plus years and very awesome. Better
picture of him above this one.
And then it was time to go watch the Oscars with the family. We had a magnificent time and were very happy with the winners.......................I'll be back tomorrow to do some more catch up until I'm back up to real time.....


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Last night in the Blizzard, 'Warm Bodies' and today post blizzard 'The Heiress'

Yesterday, as the day progressed, the big news was THE BLIZZARD. Is that any reason to not go to a Friday night movie, I ask? Not for me. Unless, I thought, they close the movie theater. Lucky for me that I was released from work early due to the storm and the 4:45 movie was playing. Not to many, but a few. When it ended the concession stand was dark and the popcorn gone. But I saw 'Warm Bodies.' An apt title for a very cold, white night. I didn't realize that cute boy, Nicholas Hoult, was the boy from 'About a Boy,' one of my favorite movies of all time. But it is. He has better hair now. Even when he's a zombie.

The movie is fun. I liked it a lot. Go see it!!!!

Today, just by superior luck, we got last minute tickets, 6th row, to 'The Heiress.' I really, really wanted to see it and it closes tonight. I loved it. Jessica Chastain, Dan Steven, David Strathairn are all fantastic. I saw 'Zero Dark Thirty' the Friday night before. Jessica was marvelous in it. And, I've been tuned into 'Downton Abbey' for the past 23 nights on Amazon Prime so to see Dan Stevens was very exciting too. I took a terrible picture of myself with Dan so I can't share that one, but he and Jessica were so very nice and posed for pics.

Friday, January 25, 2013

'The Dude and the Zen Master' and 'The Big Lebowski' coming up and 'Glengarry Glen Ross'

 Things are looking up. I can post pictures again. I've been reading 'The Dude and the Zen Master' by Jeff Bridges and Barry Glassman.  Tonight even. And, as often happens when you pick up a book and begin to read, something that is troubling you, is answered. Jeff and Barry did a signing of this book at Barnes and Noble and I was all set to go, but then... something happened. I was disappointed because Jeff is a favorite and Barry is all Zen, but I went to see Bebe Neuwirth that night instead. The play Bebe was in was excellent so I didn't feel terribly disappointed since I have met Jeff before and he was fantastic. It's in an earlier post.

   Tonight, I had plans go awry again and was a bit disappointed and decided to just read. I picked up the book where I had left off, and the first message I come across is "treat others and you want to be treated." Like The Dude, I'm a peaceful person, but stuff happens. People are cruel, selfish, thoughtless, real shitheads. Thank you for identifying with me right when I needed it, Dude!!!  :) 

 When I last met Jeff he signed a DVD he had released and a copy of 'The Big Lebowski.' I'm going to watch it again and since reading the book, it will be extra awesome.

 Last weekend I made it to 'Glengarry Glen Ross' on Broadway, the David Mamet play, starring Al Pacino, John C. McGinley and Richard Schiff. Dynamic. Great performances and Al Pacino was great to everyone after the show, signing playbills and posing as were John and Richard.



Saturday, January 12, 2013

Two Broadway Shows and three movies this week. Hi ho! First 'Django Unchained'

I finally saw 'Django Unchained' last night. So worth the wait. My favorite Tarantino movie to date. I am a huge fan of 'Djanogo' anyway and have the DVD's from Franco Nero's 'Django' days. I was so
happy to see him in it. For those of you who don't know, Franco Nero (married to Vanessa Redgrave), an Italian actor who is in 'Camelot' (one of the best movies ever) with Vanessa and the the awesome Richard Harris, is in a scene in 'Django Unchained.' When Jamie Foxx (the title character in this version) meets him, he tells him his name and says "the D is silent." The response from Nero, "I know," takes a swig of his drink and leaves. Tarantino at his best!!! Kerry Washington is great in it and Christoph Waltz, superb!!! As is Jamie Foxx. The scene with Leonardo's sister at the end (not giving it away), gave me uncontrollable giggles. Leonardo, always great, plays creepy well and I would much rather see him be the good guy.

The off-Broadway show 'A Golden Age,' is wonderful. Bebe Neuwirth is in it and I have always loved Bebe. Ethan Phillips is also in it. I just saw him in 'Bad Santa,' a movie we watched for Christmas. Love that one. The play is tremendous. It is about four opera singers and the composer.

The other Broadway show this week was 'Picnic.' There are many people in that. I met Natasha McElhone waiting for the elevator. I told her I love her in 'Californication,' and she thanked me with her glorious British accent. She said she was there because two people from 'Californication' were in it: Madeleine Martin (who plays their daughter in the show) and Maggie Grace. Also in the play:
Ellen Burstyn and Mare Winningham and Elizabeth Marvel. Elizabeth Marvel is really getting around lately so I hope that it is something to do with the planets (we have the same birthday). She is in 'Hyde Park on Hudson,' 'Bourne Idenity,' and 'Lincoln.' BTW, the play is aweseome. An oldie but a goodie.

And last for this post, but not least because there are no leasts here....'The King of Comedy.' It is a movie from 1983 starring Robert DiNero and directed by Martin Scorcese. How did I miss it all these years? It was shown at the IFC and chosen by Fred Armisen for the MSF event. The Q & A after was fantastic and I learned a lot again. Thank you so much!

I have pictures to share still, but this is not picture friendly lately so I will add them when  I can.
Happy Entertainment!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Damien Echols "Moving Forward: Looking Back" exhibit and "West of Memphis"

Last night Damien Echols' exhibit opened.  "Moving Forward;  Looking Back" @ the Sacred Gallery NY. A sold out event and the art Damien created while on death row. I'll share the pictures as soon as this site starts working properly. The pictures conveyed hope to me. Butterflies. Cut from the one razor blade they gave him per week. Perfectly cut. I think the pictures conveyed the same as his writing; spirit, courage, hope, beautiful things remembered. I love his book and his writing and so very glad he is working on another book now.

'Grace' on Broadway with Paul Rudd and Ed Asner....Last Performance Today

I'm way behind here. I'll start with today and then work my way back to all I have missed writing about. I just got home from seeing 'Grace' on Broadway with Paul Rudd and Ed Asner. It was the last performance and a grand one. I enjoyed every minute. This is the third play I've seen in 4 weeks. They've all been dark in nature. This one, as you may guess by the title, had to do with religious beliefs. The other 2 (I'll post) had to do with dementia.

Paul Rudd signed my Playbill, but I didn't get a pic. The crowd was very large. Paul was very sweet and so was Ed Asner. He played the exterminator. The setting was supposed to be an apartment in Florida. And I know you need something to kill the bugs in Florida. I had a few very peculiar bug guys when I lived there. Chemicals???

Pictures to come. It won't let me add any right now... Hmpf!