Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's a gorgeous fall day. The sun is shining bright. The leaves have been sprayed into vibrant colors, and the world has wonder.
I finished Dan Brown's book, The Lost Symbol today. It's a page turner. Still hold Martin Millar as my favorite of the year. I love Lux the Poet, The Good Fairies of New York, Lonely Werewolf Girl, Milk, Suphates and Alby Starvation.
Here were some very interesting things I researched and discovered today.
Biorhythms. I love them. I always check them when I want to see something such as two actor's chemistry together, or why I feel less than jubiliant one day. It's really fun and I find almost never wrong. So here's today's discovery:
I love to watch Weeds and found it very interesting that three of the main characters have the
same birthday of November 18th. That's Romany Malco (Conrad), Elizabeth Perkins (Celia), and Kevin Nealon (Doug). Strange, huh?
Here's the really fun one with the biorhythms: Mary-Louise Parker and Demian Bichir (Nancy and Estevan).....their bios are: 99.07 physical, 94.39% emotional, and 92.84% mental. I know when I have bios like that with someone, there is a crazy connection.
After that, I had to check a few more like I always do and with Twlight The New Moon coming out I checked those two: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (the on and off screen duo). Here's what their biorhythms are: 99.07% physical, 99.37% emotional, and 92.37% mental.
And just if you were wondering which you probably weren't but Brad and Angelina are 100% physical. I had to check them as soon as I saw Mr. and Mr. Smith.