Saturday, December 8, 2012

'Silver Lining' One movie down for the weekend so far

I saw 'Silver Lining' last night. I wasn't excited about going to it at all. That's the best when you have zero expectations and then, bam, it's a great movie. I did see where it had an 8.3 rating on IMDB, but that misses the mark with me a lot so that didn't have me convinced. Jennifer Lawrence is awesome and Robert Di Nero is always fantastic. I just liked it. Dialogue was super.

'The Fitzgerald Family Christmas' written, directed and starring Edward Burns

I just got home form seeing 'The Fitzgerald Family Christmas' at the Village East Cinema with a Q and A with Edward Burns afterward.

Tremendous. 'The Fitzgerald Family Christmas' is so awesome. It's available on I Tunes and a select amount of Indy Theaters. Hooray for Edward for making these kinds of movies. I really loved this. And he said he is going to make a sequel. That's great news.

This is his 10th movie and he brought all his actors and actresses back from his other films to be in this one. Bravo!!!!!

I cannot wait until the next Edward Burns movie......



I saw 'Hitchcock' last night and really really liked it. Helen Mirren is tremendous. She always is, but I liked her better than ever in this movie. I had an idea after listening to Tippi Hedren talk (see earlier post) that Alma, Hitchcock's wife, was awful, but Helen Mirren showed another side to the woman. That's not to say that Alma's way of handling, or not handling, her odd husband's infatuation with elegant blondes, was  beneficial to the target of his lustful eyes. Helen Mirren's portrayal could do nothing but justice to the character  because she made her into someone very real and very special. Scarlett Johannson was a beautiful Janet Leigh. The movie has lightness to it and is very well done!!!