Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon"

I can't get out of work fast enough tomorrow. Luckily, we are being released early. Hooray! I'll be right there seeing "Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon. Do I have high hopes? Nah. Loved the first one so much. Didn't hate the second one, but I don't even remember anything about it. And I never wanted to see it again. The first one I went to see at least 3 times. I do like everything Shia La Beouf is in. The last thing I saw him in  "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps."  What's up with Shia being in these movies with colons in the title? 

So stay tuned. I'll let you know tomorrow if I love it! I read that Michael Bay said it was really good. Michael Bay does know how to make a very good movie...He wouldn't say that if he didn't mean it, would he? 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Screening & Panel Q&A of "Love Etc"

I finally decided last night. "Love Etc" won out. I went to see the screening and the panel discussion and Q & A afterward. I wasn't

"Love Etc" is a documentary, set in NYC and that alone is enough reason to go. The filming is beautiful. The city is beautiful. The 5
different love stories are beautiful.

I releated to something in each of them.
It isn't like a documentary with facts. It's about people and their lives
over a year period. They are warm, funny, sweet, real.

I didn't realize that it was assigned seating. But, as luck would have
it, my seat was front row and center. I happen to like the front row
so that works. And what worked even better....the young guy in love
in the film, Gabriel, was sitting by me in the front row when the panel
discussion was taking place. Cute!!!!

Jill Andresevic, the director, did one fabulous job! And it is her first feature.

"Love Etc" opens this Friday in NYC and throughout July in other cities.
I highly recommend this very feel good film!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Love, etc or Butter

Here I am with a dilemma. Should I see Love, Etc which I already have tickets for or should I see Butter which I haven't arranged yet, but is much easier to get to?????

I'll probably go with Love, Etc because there's more to that, following the documentary, but Butter really sounds good.

I don't know any actors in the former because it's a documentary, but it is set in my favorite city, NYC. Butter, on the other hand, is set in Iowa, I think, but it stars Jennifer Garner who I like a lot. I love Thirteen Going on Thirty with her and Mark Ruffalo. And don't miss Mark's directorial debut in Sympathy for Delicious.

Stay tuned for more news on the movie I choose to go see tomorrow night!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My weekend movie was 'Bad Teacher'

I was pretty anxious to see 'Bad Teacher.' I didn't think it would be a packed house (sold out) on a Saturday at 4:40 and a nice day, but it was. I got there five minutes before the trailers started and had to sit in the front row.
The audience responses (laughter) were frequent. It met all of my expectations.
And they were, it looks funny and raunchy and entertaining. A good distraction to a rather troubling week. Ain't that what it's all about? The picture I took of the movie poster mimics my week. It's just shitty. But I'm posting it anyway....
So if you like raunchy comedy, go see it. You'll like it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tap Tap Tap.....Savion Glover's @ The Joyce

If you love dance and you're anywhere nearby NYC starting today, June 21st, thru July 9th, you really would be giving yourself a treat to go see Savion Glover at The Joyce Theater. The Joyce is on 8th Ave @ 14th Street. I go every year and every year I am amazed, thrilled, and transported by Savion's tapping. I told him once that I've had 35 years of tap class and my feet can't begin to understand what he's doing. He replied very sweetly, "That's alright, Ma'am." Ma'am? Yikes! I've never seen anything quite like  his dancing. He epitomizes the phrase, "Being one with the dance and the music." There is not separation. He is drenched by the end, but it has all seemed completely effortless. The show is very different each time I see him. They are all spellbinding. I know I'll be there!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Anticipation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 with a story of Warwick Davis

I'm ready, but I'm not. I can't wait to see the last Harry Potter movie, but I can wait because it is the last. I know something else will come along to be exciting, maybe created by me. Hopefully. I will do my best. But it will be just as it was with the last book. Couldn't wait to get it, read it super fast, and then ...... 

I bought my DVD of Deathly Hallows, Part 1. Watched it. I'm ready. I already blogged about my evening in Daniel Radcliffe's presence and how awesome he was. Which reminds me....He said that the worst part of making the movies was when he had to put on a lot of that goop that changes your appearance. He said that "Warwick Davis is a Saint ," because he has to do it so often. Warwick plays quite a few characters in the Harry Potter films. He's Professor Flitwick and Griphook to name two. And this brings me to my story. It isn't a new story, but it's a good one.

Quite a while back, I went to a comic book store. A huge comic book store. It's called Acme Comics and it is in Longwood, FL. It's the biggest comic book store I've ever seen. It is an awesome place. I had heard about it and thought often of going, but finally, for my daughter's birthday, I thought I had to make the trip. There were some action figures she wanted and what better place to find them. So on a sunny, warm Saturday, I drove to Longwood. I make my lefthand turn and see the store right there on the right. Standing at the curb leading into the parking spaces, stood Batman. A rather pitiful looking Batman. He was kind of lumpy and had a pouchy stomach. He had no muscles to speak of, but he was in full costume and waving people into the parking area. I really was the only person around. When I parked I saw that no one else was there. Could this place really be so spectacular as I'd heard with it's empty lot on a Saturday? I got out of my car and went inside and know I must have gasped. Comic books and action figures as far as I could see. Star Wars, The Simpsons, Buffy, Angel, Spawn and on and on. I went on a frenzy. One for my daughter, one for me, one for her, and one for me. Soon I was piled high with more action figures than I could carry. That's when Batman appeared again. He said he would like to help me and he carried all the things I'd collected so far up to the front desk. I didn't see another soul in the store. Batman had freed me of my stuff and had gone too. I wandered toward the back of the store and that's when I saw Warwick. He was sitting there with lots of 8x10's around him of himself as different characters. How cool is this, I thought. I said, "Hi Warwick. I'm Suzie. I love all the movies you're in." He said, "Thank you." I told him it was going to be my daughter's birthday and I would like him to autograph one of those photos for her and I wanted one for myself too. I chose a different one for each of us and he wrote happy birthday on Amber's and personalized mine. We still have them and they are treasures. I talked to Warwick a while and found him to be very kind and nice. Soon after the owner of the store arrived and started telling Warwick that he needed to come back and go fishing with him. He said he lived on a lake and they would do that next time.. Warwick asked if they had alligators in the lake. And I found it all very funny to hear this very southern man inviting a British actor to go fishing. Next thing I know, Batman returns. He said to me, "I wish everyone who came in here was like you." I have no idea why. And couldn't compare since I was still the only customer. Batman then told me that he wanted to carry all my packages out for me. I guess he checked out my purchases and noticed a lot of Buffy items. He asked me if I liked vampires. I said, "I like Buffy and Angel." He placed all of my items in my trunk and told me to wait right there. He ran back and pulled out a plastic container with a lot of different teeth in it. He snapped two on where his real teeth, grabbed my arm, and bit me. He broke the skin and my arm started to bleed. I jerked it back and got in my car, thinking what an odd day.......

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Movie Business starting with the 'Green Lantern'

I couldn't get out of work fast enough last night to run across the street to see 'The Green Lantern.' The movie theater is truly across the street from work. Lucky for me. I take advantage of that benefit to the max. It gets even better. It was on the largest screen, not counting the IMAX. And, since it was 5 pm, no one sat by me. Now I could settle in and enjoy! And I did. The super hero formula? Yes. The wrong choice in the girlfriend again? Yes. The villian awesome? Yes. Ryan Reynolds a great super Green Lantern hero? Yes. Peter Sarsgaard's makeup was so real looking. Truly creepy. He was a fantastic villian. The director, Martin Campbell, delivered another great film just as he did with 'Casino Royale' and 'GoldenEye.'  If you love comic books and great action and Ryan Reynolds, don't miss this one.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Coming Soons that I'm excited about and the shallow reasons I have

Top on my mind tonight is the movie 'Anonymous,'  a Roland Emmerich film. I really can't wait for that movie to come out this fall. The tagline is: "Was Shakespeare a fraud?" None other than the great Mark Rylance is in this film, the recent Tony Winner, as Gloucester. Also Rhys Ifans, Vanessa Redgrave, and her daughter Joely Richardson. Also David Thewlis who always makes me think of the movie, 'Naked.' He's also in Harry Potter films as Remus Lupis. I have bought my DVD of 'Deathly Hallows' Part 1 and watched it as I wait for Part 2. It is sad to think it is the last one just as it was sad when the last book was finished. But still, can't wait.

Working my way from back to front here, I am going to see 'Green Latern,' on Friday. Here's where the shallowness of me comes in. Ryan Reynolds in a leotard. That's all I need to know.

Going back a another week, last weekend I saw 'Super 8.' Here is what I liked:
The kids in it. The first hour. and......the Dad was good. And Elle Fanning was suddenly a big kid.

I saw 'Midnight in Paris' and 'Bridesmaids' again too.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Simon Pegg's New Book "NERD DO WELL"

Simon Pegg did a signing of his book, "NERD DO WELL," tonight at The Strand Bookstore in NYC. Eighteen miles of books, so they say. It was more like 18 miles of people waiting to meet Simon. I asked myself how I could pass up meeting the co-writer of my favorite zombie movie of all time, 'Shaun of the Dead,' and the answer was, "CAN'T." Here's the thing....Simon is so nice that he spoke with everyone and personalized all the books for these 3 plus hours of people. Well worth the wait. And the book looks fantastic. I'll let you know why you should go get it as soon as I read it. Here's some pictures. I didn't look at my new best friend from the line as he took the pictures. I was too busy talking to Simon.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A booked called 'The Map' by Colette Baron-Reid

Yet another case of serendipity brought the book, 'The Map', to my attention.
This is a book by Colette Baron-Reid. I must admit until that fateful day, I had never heard of the book or the author.

This is what happened. I had just returned from a trip to Arizona. On my last day there we made a road trip to Sedona. I've wanted to go to Sedona for a very long time. I wasn't disappointed. It was beautiful. See a few pictures below.

A few days after I returned home I received an e-mail. It seemed the moon was up to something that a friend thought I should know about. She sent me an e-mail to enlighten me on the aspects of that orb. Truly, I found the article very uninteresting. BUT, an advert for a book caught my eye. It was, of course, The Map. I toggled right on over to to order and as I read about it I saw that the author was in Sedona. I knew it was meant to be.

I received the book quickly and dove in. More synchronicities (which I've mentiloned in other blogs I'm all about) happened. And, it is in a sense what the book is about. When you're on the right path for you, there are signs or synchroncities and they abound at times. So I'm in the intro and she mentions her friend, Sidra. Not a common name now, is it? But it is the name of my heroine in Nitches, my screenplay at Check it out. Tell me what you think.

I knew I was meant to read this book. It is full of great exercises to get you motivated and searching. Lots of pearls in this one. Check it out too.

And enjoy the Sedona pictures.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A beautiful evening with Marlo Thomas at the Paley Center for Media

     I guess I'd never really thought much about the impact Marlo Thomas has had on my life until I sat in the audience last night at the Paley Center for Media and listened to her for about 2 hours. Of course, there's "That Girl," which was the first TV show about an independent woman who didn't want to get married. What I remember most about that show is the way she said, "Donald." It was so cute. But the show did change things, leading the way for good changes; leading the way for people to realize they could go down more roads than one if they chose to. Since I was hatched traveling to the beat of my own drum, I am sure that Marlo resonated in a strong way on my mythological map. And then there was "Free to Be You and Me." To this day, I love that book. I  bought it for my daughter when it came out. When the clip was shown last night of the 2 babies (one voice was Mel Brooks and the other Marlo), it all came rushing back. That clip had to do with the book.  I loved it then and I love it now. It was like one of those scents you pass that remind you of your grandmother's kitchen or an air quality that matches a time when you played outside in the evening. It was just like that. All happy things. And Marlo is as creative and as insightful as always. Check out her new website for women over 40 that she created with the help of tech people @ aol. It's a place to share and get advice on many things from the experts. I'm sure it will be as successful as all of her other great endeavors. Thank you to Marlo for all of the magical memories and the wonderful things to come.....

Sunday, June 5, 2011

'Horrible Bosses' coming soon and 'Bridesmaids' already here

When I went to see the movie, Bridesmaids, there was a trailer for the movie, Horrible Bosses. It looks as if it is going to be a good one. I have a theory, not always true, but 97% of the time it is which is pretty decent odds. My theory is, if the trailers for the film I'm going to see are all good, then the movie I'm about to see, is a winner. I saw some awesome trailers when I went to Bridesmaids. And the prelude was right on track because Bridesmaids is laugh out loud with tears rolling down your face kind of funny.

Okay, so will Horrible Bosses be funny just because it had great company with other trailers and a feature? Not sure. Jennifer Aniston movies can be awful. Jason Bateman doesn't always star in knee slappers either. Colin Farrell will be worth seeing if nothing else with that crazy comb over he has in it. And I like the concept a lot; getting rid of nasty people.

Stayed tuned. Hopefully it will be a summer of great films. And the good news is, it won't have to be that good to beat last year!

And it's really going to be an awesome year when my movie comes out!

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I attended a class this week and some of the other class participants were in the publishing business. They spoke of a book called 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins; the first book of a trilogy. They raved about these books. And I, being the crazed reader that I am, couldn't even wait to get to a bookstore to buy it and whispered it over to my Kindle. I read the first page this morning and know that I am going to love this book. Suzanne Collins can write. I also hear they are making it into a movie. More to come as I learn more.

Check out the long description on this site:

If you read all the way to the bottom of the page linked above, you will see that even Stephen King gave it a thumbs up.

I shot an e-mail off to the wonderful person who mentioned the book, and she asked me if I would like to read another book she found to be fantastic and due to be released this summer.

Stay tuned for that one. I don't even know the title yet.
And I'll add my own review of 'The Hunger Games' in a few days when I finish it.

 She did tell me that the book she is sending me is an historical romance which is really funny because a long, long time ago in a far off place, I used to write those. I googled the old thing to show her and lo and behold.... found this:
UnexpectedUnexpected [Broché]

Suzie  Morris (Auteur)

Soyez la première personne à écrire un commentaire sur cet article


Temporairement en rupture de stock.

Commandez maintenant et nous vous livrerons cet article lorsqu'il sera disponible. Nous vous enverrons un e-mail avec une date d'estimation de livraison dès que nous aurons plus d'informations. Cet article ne vous sera facturé qu'au moment de son expédition.

Expédié et vendu par Emballage cadeau disponible.

So I guess you can buy a copy in France. But I wouldn't recommend it.....
I've turned my attention to screenwriting. Like I said, that was long ago.
But it will be kind of nice to receive my comp book and see what is going
on in that world now.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Woody Allen's new movie 'Midnight in Paris'

Woody has done it again. He has made another great movie. The scenery is simply gorgeous. It makes you just want to get on the next plane to Paris. It begins with that lilting music he always engages us with; a fun, silly kind of tune... And I love a great fantasy which Owen Wilson has going on.
Rachel McAdams is wonderful, as always.

I wasn't the only one who enjoyed the film last weekend. The entire audience applauded when it ended.

Bravo, Woody Allen.

Midnight in Paris Poster

Speaking of fantasy flicks....check out my script, "Nitches" @


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jerusalem on Broadway with Mark Rylance

If you get the chance to see any play in NYC, I recommend Jez Butterworth's, Jerusalem. I've seen it twice so far and plan to see it again. Wow. And wow. I think Mark Rylance conveys such understanding of the human condition in any part he plays, that he touches every emotion again and again.

I saw him for the first time in Le Bete with Joanna Lumley and David Hyde Pierce. I laughed for 30 minutes non-stop with tears.

The character he plays in Jerusalem in no way seems like the same person who I saw in Le Bete.

I told him on Sunday that he is my favorite actor and I wasn't joking.

And don't be fooled by the title. It's rural life in England and all the characters in the play are exceptional.

Seeing plays like Le Bete and Jerusalem remind me why I've always been a writer. They inspire with profound words presented by gifted actors. Thank you all for the hours of entertainment!