Saturday, September 26, 2015

New York Times Film Club
Big Stone Gap

I went to a see "Big Stone Gap," the other night and there was a  Q & A afterward with all the actors, and then some, shown below.

"Big Stone Gap" is a movie written and directed by Adriana Trigiani. "Big Stone Gap," happens to be the place in the Appalachian Mountains Adriana is from.

What I learned at the Q & A is that Ashley Judd is from the same area with the same sort of background as the character she brilliantly portrays in the beautifully shot film.

Here's a fun thing Adriana talked about: She said when trying to find something to focus on about the town, she thought of the one big event that had happened there. That event was when Elizabeth Taylor, married to John Warner, came to town and choked on a chicken bone. I remember John Belushi, on SNL, mimicking that characterization. 

Jenna Elfman was wonderful in the movie and said she stayed at the Comfort Inn because that is where her boys wanted to stay.

Whoopi was a fabulous addition to the movie. I want Whoopi in my movie and am going to rewrite a part to fit her. She sat behind me once at a secret screening of "Lincoln." And, since we both work at ABC, I have a way to get the script to her..... Here's hoping...

Here's my synchronicity for this event:  I just went to a Chinese Face Reading Class after reading the book. The class was taught by the author and I am loving this stuff. Jenna Elfman's character gives Ashley Judd's character a book on Chinese Face Reading. Random.

Check this movie out. The scenery is beautiful and the story sweet with great characters.

Okay, that's it for now. I have to write which is why I haven't blogged. Been busy with scripts, but marketing is now a part of the process so I'm back and there are many, many, many wonderful events I am going to in the next couple of weeks. So stay tuned.....

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