Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another grand night of Hugh Jackman on Broadway

I've said it all before.....Magical.....inspiring.....pure happiness...Hugh exudes all of that and more.......During intermission it's incredible to listen to the people all around raving about the show.....I've been 4 times now....but there was a lady who had been 57 times...counting when he was in Toronto....Here's some pics from last night after the show....

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Movies!!!

Tis the season to see all the great stuff! The time of the year when all the best movies come out and there is not lack of fantastic entertainment on and off-Broadway....

I saw 'My Week With Marilyn' and 'The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn' Part 1 this week. And today I saw a really great off-Broadway play called 'Standing on Ceremony' with Mark Consuelos, Richard Thomas, Harriet Harris, Polly Draper, Craig Bierko and Beth Leavel.

Tomorrow is the best of all: Hugh Jackman on Broadway AGAIN!

'My Week with Marilyn' was really good. Michelle Williams did a great job. I think she channeled Marilyn a few times in it and she had her voice down throughout. It's a very pretty film with a nice story. And don't forget that Emma Watson is in it.

Last night I saw the 'Breaking Dawn' movie. Late for me to see a movie after it's been out for 2 weeks, but I just thought it would be awful. The last one was. My friend and I have seen the first 3 and he didn't want to go either. But then, a few people told me it was really good so I went. Yes, the dialogue is still really, really, really goofy sometimes and just kinda lame the rest of the time, but this one was my favorite of the bunch. It ain't no Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but.. I like it.

And then today, on this absolutely magnificent, beautiful NYC day, I went to see 'Standing on Ceremoney.' 'The Gay Marriage Plays.' It was excellent. Like 'Love, Loss, and What I Wore,' it has a rotating cast. Their are nine short plays by tremendous playwrights. I saw  Richard Thomas in the wonderful play, 'Race' with James Spader and Kerry Washington and then today I was thinking that now Richard Thomas is in a play with another Boston Legal (one of my favorite all time tv shows), Craig Bierko, who play Jeff Coho. Here's some pics.

Monday, November 21, 2011

"Godspell' and "On A Clear Day" on Broadway

What a beautiful night in NYC last night. Great night to be on Broadway. First stop was across the street from my very, very favorite: Hugh Jackman. That's where Harry Connick Jr. was. I'll be going back again and again to Hugh's show. That's the one! But here are a few pictures from Harry Connick Jr coming out of the show.

And then we strolled on down to 'Godspell' and met all the great people in that show. Every one super friendly and fun. You can tell by the pictures. And Hunter Parrish from 'Weeds,' who is starring in 'Godspell' right now, was absolutely fantastic.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kim Cattrall in 'Private Lives' on Broadway

Last weekend it was 'Seminar' with Alan Rickman. Today it was 'Private Lives' with Kim Cattrall and Paul Gross

'Private Lives' is showing at The Music Box theatre where I went to see 'Jerusalem' again and again. I love that theatre. It seems very magical.

The Noel Coward play is like watching one of those great old black and white films where they ladies are always dressed in beautiful gowns and the men are
always dressed in suits. Rich and glamourous. And chemistry!!! Those two sizzle on stage. It's really lots of fun.

It runs through February 5th, so if you're in town, this is a great play.....
I met Kim before when she wrote her book, 'Sexual Intelligence.' She's
extremely beautiful, kind, and friendly. I told her I had written a part for her
in a script and she said, "I'm there, girl." Ya never know!!! I did write it with
her in mind....and stay tuned for a video on when you search for 'Nitches.' Probably be there by tomorrow.....

Here are some pictures from today and the book event about six years ago.....

Diane Keaton and her new book 'Then Again'

I have never heard anyone say that they do not like Diane Keaton. After meeting her last Wednesday night, I can say I know why. She is one of the most honest, down to earth, intelligent, gracious people I have ever met.

She did a book signing at Barnes and Noble. The crowd was tremendous. It's a very large space and well over an hour before time for the event to begin, all seats were taken and people were lining up behind the seats. Go NYC!

Diane came straight from the Daily Show with a huge smile and lots of positive energy. She read from her book which is about her and her mother and family and doesn't leave out Woody or Warren or Al. As she read one part about her mother, she had to stop. She was getting emotional. I started crying too. Wow. Her mother was born the same year as my mother and died the same year. I told her as she was signing my book. She asked, "What was her name?" I said, "Sally." She held the book out to me and said, "This is for Sally." Whoa. Need Kleenex!

Here are some pictures from the event and a marvelous lady!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

More movies. More Broadway. Can't get enough of either.

My movie this weekend was 'J. Edgar Hoover.' I was excited about a movie starring Leonardo and directed by Clint Eastwood. Straight from work to the movie seat on Friday night. It was a history lesson for me. I learned a lot about J. Edgar Hoover I never knew. Can't say I knew much. Interesting character, for sure. Acting was great. They're really getting perfect at making actors look old. You know how usually you see where the skull cap is stuck on or it looks like glue or something pulling the face a certain way and then covered with make-up. Not this one. Leonardo (J. Edgar Hoover) and Naomi Watts (Helen Gandy), and Armie Hammer (Clyde Tolson), go from young to very old and it looks authentic. The movie slides back and forth between the decades, but with flawlessness that's easy to follow since Clint Eastwood is magnificent at directing.

Yesterday I went to see 'Seminar.' It's a new Broadway show that is just now in previews and stars Alan Rickman and Jerry O'Connell and Lily Rabe. Here's a good tidbit for you. Snape is just on Broadway on the same street as Harry Potter. When you come out of the Golden Theatre where 'Seminar' is playing, you can see Daniel Radcliffe, larger than life as J. Pierrepont Finch in 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.'  'Seminar' is a play by Theresa Rebeck about four writers who hire Leonard (Alan Rickman) to teach them, insult them. abuse them, cut them to the soul. I've had two writing teacher who were very similar to Leonard. I called them assholes just as they do in the play and I learned so much from them, just as they do from Leonard. The dialogue is funny and witty. I loved it because I related to it so much. Jerry O'Connell is having his Broadway debut in this show and he is excellent in his loud pants of purple, red, and orange. Alan Rickman, it goes without saying, is tremendous. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Anonymous, Tower Heist, The Rum Diary, and Crazy Love

The four movies I've seen in the past 2 weeks are very different kinds of movies. Tower Heist is carrying that message that so many movies are telling us about: corruption, greed, evil at the top....But it is funny. Really funny. I laughed out loud which I'm not prone to do in a movie theatre unless really, really finding it funny. I love that Eddie Murphy and Tea Leoni is great. I always like Casey Affleck who reminded me more of brother Ben in this one than he ever has before. It was something about his expressions and mannerisms or something.

The Rum Diary, the first one I went to was great. Johnny Depp. Need I say more? How great he is! Come to think of it, it had that message too. Greed. Corruption. The rich taking advantage of the poor. Yep. It sure did. How about that... Hunter S. Thompson wrote the fictional work in the early sixties, but it wasn't published until 1998. Kinda sounds like my stuff!!! Taking years to see the light, I mean.... :) Hunter was only 22 years old when he wrote it and he did go to Puerto Rico to work on a paper and did meet some weird people.

Crazy Love. Couldn't wait to see this one either because it stars Anton Yelchin who I think is fantastic. Have you seen Charlie Bartlett? House of D? If not, you may not know this young actor, but he is definitely worth watching.

Anonymous. I was very excited about seeing this movie too. Mark Rylance is in it. He is tremendous. Of course. And Vanessa Redgrave. Awesome.  It is proving to be a great year end on Broadway and at the movies. !!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Broadway Broadway Broadway

There's a lot going on in the theatre district in NYC right now. Lots and lots to see. My favorite, Hugh Jackman on Broadway. The one man show with the 18 piece orchestra is total bliss. Here's some pictures of Hugh leaving the show on Sunday afternoon. The crowds are huge. Just like the crowds for 'How to Succeed in Business' with Daniel Radcliffe and John Larroquette. Here's Hugh
signing for the crowd.

Right across the street from Hugh, opening for previews on November 12,  Harry Connick Jr. in On A Clear Day. And, there's more going on. Kim Cattrall opens on November 6th at the Music Box Theatre (the same one Mark Rylance was at for Jerusalem and Le Bete. The name of that play is: Private Lives. Also Angela Bassett is starring with Samuel L. Jackson in The Mountaintop. I recently went to a talk with Angela Bassett being interviewed by Jordan Roth.  The picture below is from that evening. Jordan asked Angela some really tough questions which she answered with grace and eloquence. And she had on the greatest shoes ever. Very spikey heels; leopard on top and black with rhinestones on the bottom. She looked fantastic.

And there's more. I've been busy. Off-Broadway there's a play called Dreams of Flying Dreams of Falling. It's a really good one. Christine Lahti is super in it. Here's a picture from right after the performance the day I went.

Lots happening on Broadway and off. I recently visited the Regis and Kelly set and Kevin Spacey was the guest. Here's some pics from that day. That's always a superfun time. Regis and Kelly are awesome. :( and Regis is leaving this month.

That's not all. But I should blog tomorrow about all the fantastic movies that are out and coming out. Creativity abounds when the world is in a mess!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just home from opening night of 'Hugh Jackman Back on Broadway'

Schwing! Schwing! Schwing! I don't know if I have words to describe this night. If you were lucky enough to see Hugh Jackman in the Boy From Oz, you will have an idea of what I'm trying to convey. How can one human being have so much talent, energy, beauty, be able to sing, to dance and to share his very essence of the love he has for doing all that entertaining with his audience?

He does. He does all of that and more. His voice is pure and I'm ready to buy the CD, but it wasn't for sale yet. Hope there is one. His dancing was fantastic.
He shared fun stories and did a little bit of everything and did it to pure perfection!

His choice of songs was superb. Deb, his wife, was there and he introduced her. She's a beautiful lady. I won't give away the details in case you're going.
But if you're even near NYC, you'd be cheating yourself to miss Hugh back on Broadway!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

'The Ides of March' is one more shout out against corruption

It's everywhere I turn. There's a message sounding out loud and clear. There are documentaries about the 1% who own it all and there's #occupy Wall Street going on. There are movie and tv shows shouting about the corruption and 'The Ides of March' is the newest. The message I got from this movie was, even if you're idealistic and good, if you're in politics, they'll get you.

But....I watched X Files last night and Scully was having none of it. A season 4 episode where she's brought before congress to tell them the whereabouts of her partner, Fox Mulder aka Spooky Mulder. She's composed and determined and she ain't talkin'.  Hoorah

Whoda thunk I liked 'Moneyball' better than 'Ides' and of course I liked 'Real Steel' better. Not to say I didn't love all performances and actors in all the movies. I did. It's just that like the rest of you, I'm ready to NOT LISTEN to what someone of authority says. I'm ready to stand up for what's right! I'm ready to stare them in the eye like Scully!!!! So the movies that reflect this feeling seem to be the theme of the day. Come out of the theatre rooting for the underdog.

'Ides of March' movies are the reminders of what's wrong with this world!!!!!

An encounter with David Duchovny aka Mulder.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Real Steel and Hugh Jackman back on Broadway

Oh what a night!!!! In many ways a very surprising night. I had my ticket all ready to go see Hugh Jackman talk about his new movie coming out, 'Real Steel.' What I wasn't ready for was all the bonus events that took place. I didn't know that Shawn Levy, the director of the movie would be there. I had honestly never heard of Annette Indorf, the director of undergraduate film studies at Columbia University. And I didn't know I was going to see an advance screening of the entire film! Okay, one more thing to add. I went to the box office to collect my ticket and they asked me if I'd like to upgrade and move to the 3rd row. Yes! So they all sat in front of me when the movie ended and I was enthralled.

Annette Indorf is a fascinating lady and she voiced my thoughts when she said that she wasn't that excited about 'Real Steel' by the trailers. I wasn't blown away by them either, but knew I'd be there on opening day anyway. It's Hugh Jackman on screen. Annette said she had been pleasantly surprised. I was as well.

Shawn Levy and Hugh talked about making the movie, about using real robots (Steven Spielberg's idea) and about the relationship between the boy and Charlie (Hugh).

I don't want to give any of the plot away, but I do want to say that this is a great movie and it gets better and better as it goes. You get deeper and deeper into the characters. A The lady next to me was actually doing upper cuts with the robot.

 As a writer the three on stage were talking my language, fueling the fires. That's why it's hours past bedtime and I can't think about sleeping. That and one other detail I haven't mentioned. Hugh Jackman had his arm around me for the pic. I don't think I was breathing.

And if all this isn't enough Hugh will be back on Broadway at the end of the month with an 18 piece orchestra. I saw him in Boy From Oz and as I told my daughter, "That was the best time I've ever had in my entire life." The next best time was 'Steady Rain,' where he stared with Daniel Craig.

I am grateful. I am grateful. I am grateful!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Moneyball is one GREAT movie! This reel is real!

'Moneyball'   What a movie! What a message! Aaron Sorkin can write a script! 'Charlie Wilson's War' and 'Social Network'
and now "Moneyball,' to name a few. I guess this is a spoiler so read no more
if you don't want to know anything about the movie.

I love the message of 'Moneyball' because it's going against the grain. It's having the guts to stand up for what you believe. It's knowing what doesn't work and stepping into the unknown because somehow you just know it's the right thing. It's saying, Screw your money. Screw your old ways. And screw you. And then the ultimate great thing that made this movie work for me was,
temptation didn't get him in the end. That ghoul came dangling that carrot and he said no to it.  It boils down to fake or real.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goldie Hawn's new book '10 Mindful Minutes' and a signing at Barnes and Noble

Goldie Hawn signed her new book '10 Mindful Minutes' yesterday at the Barnes and Noble in Tribeca. The signing was short and sweet. The book
is a guide for teaching children to be happy rather than stressed out little
people. Honestly, I just wanted to meet Goldie. My child is happy and well adjusted.  Common sense is also a good guide. But, I realize there are
lots and lots and lots of people who need help in understanding these things and hopefully they'll be led to reading this book or anything that can help them not screw up more people. Maybe someone should write a guide for people who shouldn't breed. tee hee

Anyhoo, here's some pictures from yesterday's event.