Sunday, October 28, 2012

'Cloud Atlas' before the kooky storm

Yesterday I committed a kindness and I went to see 'Cloud Atlas.' And that's what this movie is about. Partly. The other part is doing the opposite of kind. Being mean. How, do you ask, did going to see a movie make me kind? I'll just say disappearing for a while was kind and it didn't matter where, but a movie is what I chose.

It's long. Three hours. And I'm pretty sure they showed at least 30 minutes of trailers before. Most of the trailers were really good. I cannot wait to see 'Les Miserable' and I can watch that trailer a thousand times. Probably how many times I'll see the movie.

But back to the Wachowski film, 'Cloud Atlas.' There is a lot going on. Tom Hanks and Halle Berry had six or seven parts each. Hugh Grant is four characters, maybe three.

Here's the thing. You've got to play with others. They keep popping up from lifetime to lifetime. If you ain't nice, you pay the piper. If you are nice, you're going to slip out of tight situations like grease. Oh yeah, Mr. Smith from 'The Matrix,' was a badass then, and he's a badass now. See how it works! :)

Watch all the characters do this....Good stuff! Karma.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

'Argo' and 'Seven Psychopaths'

'Argo' is a real nail biter. I love this movie. Ben Affleck is a great director and he is awesome in this film as are Alan Arkin and John Goodman. I think every time John Goodman shows up on screen in a movie a big light flashes. He is so awesome. It's very tense waiting for the rescue of of the Americans from Iran. It's based on a true story. If you like to sit on the edge of your seat, get out to this one!!!

'Seven Psychpaths' is different. Different in a good way because it's funny
with a twisted sort of humor. What a great cast. Woody Harrelson,
Sam Rockwell, Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken and Tom Waits. I don't like movie with lots of gory stuff, but this one is okay by me because it
makes fun of that stuff. Like a Guy Ritchie movie.  I say go on out there
and catch this and 'Argo.'

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Garden Party with Russell Crowe and Sting

Last night. Phenomenal. I went to see 'The Garden Party' with Russell Crowe and his talented group of singers and musicians. The stage was beautiful, looking like a twinkling light, garden party.

Russell came out on the stage and then came down the steps and through the audience from front to back. If you've read my other posts and have learned that magical, tremendous things happen, I had another one.

I was lead to my seat which wasn't my seat. It was a perfect seat. The girl looks at me and says, "You're seat isn't available." I yelled "Sweet."

On his tour through the audience, Russell was standing next to me. Whoa. I love him. I love his voice. He was funny and tremendous. Sometimes he sang along, played the guitar, sang with Samantha (her American debut) and brothers from Ireland rapped and sang as did other talented people. They were a group and then solo and it was all great.

An encore, and then Russell said, "My friend is coming if you want to wait. He's on the other side of town." 98% wanted to wait. Silly 2% who left. Sting came out and sang....

My favorite musician of all time, Sting. Love love love this night!!!!
Love, love, love this week!!!

Love, love, love NYC.


Secret Screening of 'Lincoln' and Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field

This week rocked, beginning Monday. Pretty much that's why it's Sunday and I'm just getting to the blog part.

I'm sorry I have no pictures to share for this one, but it was top, top secret. I had no idea what I was getting. Like a grab bag. No cameras, no phone.

Richard Pena, director of NYFF (accent mark on the n in his name), came out and said, "Here's Steven Spielberg." I gasped. Whoopi Goldberg sat behind me for a while. I loved the Vans she was wearing. I wanted to tell her I love lots of her stuff, but I behaved.

He introduced his film, coming out later this year, 'Lincoln' and said it wasn't finished. I couldn't tell.

Don't miss it. Daniel Day-Lewis makes Lincoln pretty. I've never seen that before. Tommy Lee Jones is awesome too. I love listening to Lincoln's voice the entire way through. Steven Spielberg said in the Q and A that followed the screening that Daniel created his historic characterization all the way.

They had real historic artifacts in the movie. Put this one on the top of your 'Must See List.'

Comic Con in town and Kevin Smith and Comic pals at Gramercy Theater

I have the weirdest, coolest experiences. Friday night I was excited about getting to Gramercy Theater to see Kevin Smith and listen to him tell his
great stories. I was waiting for the bus and two pulled up at the same time. Two ladies were to the left of me and opted for the second bus. The first bus said NOT IN SERVICE. So I turned to follow back to the 2nd bus and the doors opened on the NOT IN SERVICE bus. The driver motioned for me to get in. I said, "What bus is this?" He told me and I said, "That'll work."
I zipped my metro card and took my seat on the empty bus. We moved along quickly, never stopping. I'm thinking. This is really nutty. Finally after shooting past about 6 stops and not stopping I call out to the driver, "Are you going to pick up anyone else?" He said, "I'll stop at Time Square. Where are you going?" I told him. We get to Time Square and there's another bus pulled over picking up the peeps so he goes, "No need for me to stop and he keeps going. He also tells me a story about getting stuck for 24 hours in his bus during a blizzard. I say, "Do you want me to ding the bell before my stop?" He says, "Not unless you want to." I say, "It won't do much for me." So he stops at my destination and says, "Have a great night." A bus limo to Kevin Smith. AWESOME!!!!

The show was fantastic. I laughed so hard, I cried. They talked about their favorite toys they had when they were little. View master came up. Kevin explained what it was. I still have my discs....They talked about their most disappointing toys. I related to that story, remembering how thinking something was going to be so much fun, and it was a dud. There was a story about Vincent Price and a shrunken head, but it ended up that it had to be constructed by peeling an apple and letting it sit out. Does an 8 year old boy want to peel an apple? Hell no! Funny stuff. Another story about a 'Jaws' skateboard that he wanted so badly, but gets one with palm trees on it instead.
Great night. Great fun. Hooray for Comics!!!!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dustin Hoffman at the New Yorker Festival with a Screening of 'Quartet'

Susan Morrison interviewed Dustin Hoffman after a screening of "Quartet," a beautiful comedy Dustin
directed. I do mean beautiful. Set in the English countryside, the colored leaves rustle, the grass
whispers, the floors are polished in the elegant residence. It is magnificent. Funny, heart-warming,
and sweet.

I saw a screening of this movie about five months ago and loved it too. At that time it was said to
still be in a rough state. I guess I'm not savvy enough to tell because I loved it then too. Everyone
must see this movie.

Dustin's interview was my favorite live interview ever. I have loved most. I loved Daniel Radcliff
and Hugh Jackman and all the others, but Dustin spoke of his days with Arthur Miller and when
he was roommates with Gene Hackman and Robert Duvall. He talked about 'The Graduate.'
I felt like I was witnessing a private history that made me want to have the evening go on and on
and on. Rather like when I'm at a Hugh Jackman Broadway show or a Mark Rylance. I never,
ever want them to end.

I almost got a picture with Dustin. I took a picture of him with a lady and he came off the stage and
said, "I should come down there for that." He was swept over here and there and then in conversation
with a lady for a while and then he had to go.

So, Dustin, if you google this and it comes up, you said you would be in a picture with me. Where??? And when??? tee hee

I got a picture with the wonderful Billy Connolly who Dustin introduced and these great pics of Dustin while
Susan interviewed him. He is simply awesome and you will love, love, love Billy in "Quartet." BTW, he's in the 'Hobbit' movies too.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Tribute to Nicole Kidman at the NYFF50

 There was an awesome tribute to Nicole Kidman at the NYFF50 on Wednesday night. They showed a montage of her great movies, ending with my personal favorite, 'Moulin Rouge.' There was a great scene from 'Eyes Wide Shut,' and 'The Hours,' 'To Die For,' 'Margot at the Wedding,' 'Rabbit Hole,' and more.

Nicole then came out on stage and was interviewed by Richard Pena, the head of the NYFF and Society Director. She wore a stunning red dress with gorgeous shoes. She looked fabulous. The interview was awesome and she talked about directors and how she gets into her parts and was entertaining and funny and informative.

Then they showed 'The Paperboy.' Whoa. Nicole was great in her part and Zac Efron was so lovable and beautiful, but I had to close my eyes a lot. Macy Gray was awesome as the housekeeper. John Cusack has never been creepy, but he sure is in this movie. And that's two sleezy parts for Matthew McConaughey back to back. 'Killer Joe,' was the last movie I saw him in. (See earlier blog) They showed that one at the Lincoln Center also and I have pics to share.

Here are the pictures from the other night.