Monday, January 30, 2012

"Relatively Speaking"

     Last night was the final performance of "Relatively Speaking," three short plays written by Elaine May, Ethan Coen, and Woody Allen and directed by John Turturro. I have not laughed that hard since I saw Mark Rylance in Le Bete. Marlo Thomas was spectacular. All the plays were excellent, but she was so so so funny. Tony win, I'm saying. And the cast of the Woody Allen play was like old home week for a Woody film, beginning with Julie Kavner and Steve Guttenberg. I love it when I laugh so much my cheeks hurt. All the actors on stage last night out did themselves. Excellent. Thank you for such a great night of fun!

Stephen Fry visited the Barnes and Nobles in Tribeca recently and talked about his book, 'The Fry Chronicles.' The place was packed
with people who love Stephen Fry. He spoke of his autobiography.
He was witty and clever and touching. I could have listened for hours. He signed for all and took pictures with everyone also. The book is filled with great pictures and beautiful words. I've never met anyone nicer. I think he's fantastic!!!!!

Here's some pictures!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

'On A Clear Day You Can See Forever'

I saw 'On A Clear Day' with Harry Connick Jr. this week. It was excellent. The settings were like an 'Austin Powers' movie. Everyone in the play is wonderful. I especially love David Turner who is also David in the play. He, like Dr. Bruckner's love interest, can really belt out the tunes.  The final show is January
29 so hurry up and see it!!! Here's some pictures I took after the show. Thankfully, it was a beautiful night.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

'The Iron Lady'

Just got home from seeing 'The Iron Lady.' Meryl, you amaze and astound me. What a performance! The theater was packed and as I left I heard people all around just talking about how marvelous Meryl is. And for those of you who are old Buffy fans like me, good ole Giles is in it for a little bit. His hair is much different. It was fun to see him. The movie is very good. I'd rate it higher than I saw that it was rated on IMDB. Jim Broadbent was so lovable in it as her husband.

I did have the extreme good fortune of going to a poetry reading at The Lincoln Center where Meryl, Sting, Matt Dillon, Gabriel Byrne, Alan Cummings, Rosanne Cash, Julian Schnabel and maybe a few I'm not remember, read poetry. I was with G and he took these for pics ...after 'The Iron Lady' pic.   btw   I've never heard poetry read the way Meryl did it. Watching the movie reminded me of how I didn't think I could be anymore blown away....but today, I was!  :)