Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A beautiful evening with Marlo Thomas at the Paley Center for Media

     I guess I'd never really thought much about the impact Marlo Thomas has had on my life until I sat in the audience last night at the Paley Center for Media and listened to her for about 2 hours. Of course, there's "That Girl," which was the first TV show about an independent woman who didn't want to get married. What I remember most about that show is the way she said, "Donald." It was so cute. But the show did change things, leading the way for good changes; leading the way for people to realize they could go down more roads than one if they chose to. Since I was hatched traveling to the beat of my own drum, I am sure that Marlo resonated in a strong way on my mythological map. And then there was "Free to Be You and Me." To this day, I love that book. I  bought it for my daughter when it came out. When the clip was shown last night of the 2 babies (one voice was Mel Brooks and the other Marlo), it all came rushing back. That clip had to do with the book.  I loved it then and I love it now. It was like one of those scents you pass that remind you of your grandmother's kitchen or an air quality that matches a time when you played outside in the evening. It was just like that. All happy things. And Marlo is as creative and as insightful as always. Check out her new website for women over 40 that she created with the help of tech people @ aol. It's a place to share and get advice on many things from the experts. I'm sure it will be as successful as all of her other great endeavors. Thank you to Marlo for all of the magical memories and the wonderful things to come.....

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