Tuesday, May 31, 2011

'That Championship Season Ends on Broadway'

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

That Championship Season Ends on 5/29/11

Sunday was pretty steamy in more ways than one when Chris Noth, Jason Patric and Keifer Sutherland came out to bid everyone a sweet farewell after their final performance of 'That Championship Season.' Before coming out Chris Noth and Jason Patric leaned out the windows above; shirtless. Wonder what people passing by thought about that when they looked up? Chris and Jason were especially wonderful and Chris even kissed my friend. She admitted today that she finally washed her cheek.

What are they looking at? Above, in the same windows they were hanging out of, shirtless, was the photographer who had been taking pictures of them earlier.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Daniel Radcliffe

Before the month ends, I'd like to share several fabulous experiences I've had this month.

On May 9th, at the 92nd St. Y, Daniel Radcliffe was interviewed by Jordan Roth and I was lucky enough to be there. We were not permitted to take photos, but Daniel and Jordan are pictured on the link below from that
magical evening.


I haven't seen 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying' yet, but
I'll be sure to write about it when I do. I did see 'Jerusalem' with Mark Rylance, for the 2nd time and do plan on seeing it again. I have a few pics with Mark...

Well here's one.
But back to Daniel. He was so engaging and fun to listen to. Jordan would ask him a question and he would be off and running for 15 minutes on his answer. As a huge Harry Potter fan, it is thrilling to see the person who portrays that character so perfectly. I saw him in Equus on Broadway and he is multi-talented. My very favorite answer he gave was this:
Jordan asked him about winning the role of Harry from the thousands who had
tried out. Daniel said he had played an orphan 3 times and he thinks he got it because he has "orphan eyes." 

So if you can, and have  not seen, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," I would make a point to get there.

And don't miss Jerusalem either. I plan to see that one again and again.

Stay tuned for other May adventures before May becomes June.
I did have an excellent movie and Broadway attending kind of month.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Betty White

On Friday I had the extreme good fortune of meeting Betty White. It was
truly a thrill. The line was wrapped around the block; people of all ages,
but mostly young. When I got to her
she said, "You've been waiting in that line a long time." That voice! I said, "You are so worth it." And she said, "No. I'm really not." And she grabbed my hand. (Yes, she really is!) Her book is a fast, fun read with great pictures. She ponders why, since she was the oldest, is she the only remaining 'Golden Girl.' I think because she still brings so much fun to so many. Thank you, Betty White! You are a treasure!