Monday, March 5, 2012

Woody Allen and Dick Cavett at the 92nd St Y

Forgive me. This event was 2 weeks ago. I traveled, came back, tried catching up and finally, at last, I am ready to tell you about one of the top five experiences of my life.

Woody Allen and Dick Cavett with Annette Insdorf as moderator. It really, truly can't get better than that. Unless you were invited to tea with them.
But I wasn't. Yet. :)

Prior to a showing of Woody's film, 'Radio Days,' the three mentioned above, sat on the stage and talked. I was in awe. I was so thankful for the opportunity to be sitting in that theatre watching them live, that I can't even explain how much it meant.

I had just met Dick Cavett at the Raquel film fest and, to see him again with non other than my favorite, favorite Woody.

They talked about their personal radio days when they were boys, Dick Cavett growing up in Nebraska and Woody in NYC. Their lives and interests were very similar. They both loved doing magic tricks. Woody was as funny as ever as he described how terrible he was at it. He stashed his lunch money for a week and, on Saturday, went to the magic store to buy a new trick. While Mr. Cavett (I call him Mr. Cavett because he just seems as someone who deserves a title, like a Sir) I'm knighting him on my own....any way....he would send his coinage to the far away place of NYC to order his latest magic tricks. I related to that tale because I used to mail my manuscripts to the far off place of NYC and wait for them to mail me my checks for millions.

They talked about playing hookey and taking the radio into their rooms and listening to their favorite shows. It was hearing history live. I feel like gushing more, but you already know how marvelous this was.

They both possess wit and humor and charm to the max. And Annette Insdorf is someone I would love to hang out with. She knows so much about film. Google it and you'll find the pics somewhere. I wish I had them for you.

So yesterday I went to 'Shatner's World' at the Music Box Theatre and I have not told you about that yet either. I'll get to it. I promise. Neither event was good for photo opportunites. They will not let you take photos in the Y at these events and I only caught William Shatner as he left the theatre so I'll share what I have. I met him before though and got a good one.

Tomorrow night. Joan Rivers. Next week Adrien Brody.
Stay tuned.

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