Saturday, March 24, 2012

" The Hunger Games"

"The Hunger Games" opened this weekend. I was there the second I walked out of work with my pre-purchased ticket, joined by friends who were just as excited as I was. Even more exciting, it's great! It's so much like the book. It really helps when the book's author is credited with working on the script too. Whew! I wonder how many little girls will be named Katniss?

Jennifer Lawrence was a wonderful Katniss. I saw her in 'The Beaver,' with one of my favorite young actors (Anton Yelchin) and again in 'Like Crazy,' with (Anton Yelchin). hmmm If Anton had not been in those films, I must confess, I would not have gone, but glad he was and that I had a notion of who Jennifer Lawrence was.

Also in the cast, a poofy, blue-haired Stanley Tucci and a favorite, Woody Harrelson as Haymitch (oh please, people, do not name your children Haymitch) and the oh so beautiful, Lenny Kravitz, as Cinna. (Probaby another name to watch out for. And it's like Pat, so it could be confusing.)

I'll share some of my original Lenny pictures from last year's concert just because he is beautiful and you haven't seen them before. See below. After Mercury stops screwing around with me and let's me without freezing.

Elizabeth Banks is great,  and plays Effie, a real dress up doll part.

I didn't recognize either of the lead males, but the guy who plays Gale is an Aussie, that's enough. We all know those Aussie guys are AWESOME and I did see one movie that Peeta was in, but don't remember him in it. They were both great too. Interesting that both of the leads are from Kentucky. For real that is.

Okay, don't listen to me, just go see it if you haven't already. And....stay tuned for the greatest thing coming out which is.....'Dark Shadows' with Johnny Depp.

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