Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Joan Rivers.... The funniest lady around.....

I think it was last week, but it's passing so quickly it could have been the week before that. Anyway, I went to see Joan Rivers for the 3rd time. Her act is different each time so I laugh just as hard every time. I'm talking about the kind of laughing where your jaws ache and your face hurts and you can't breathe. She is that funny. Nothing is sacred which is such a breath of fresh air in this "politically correct" society we have to put up with. She lets it all out and we all (everyone sitting there) LOVE IT.

It was a cold cold cold night, but well worth venturing out for. Chita Rivera was at a front table. I hear she's coming back to Broadway. I caught her one woman dance act on Broadway a few years ago and it was fantastic. She had on the most gorgeous red shoes and she looks beautiful.

Here's some pics with Joan, beginning with the most recent. And she is gracious and kind each time we meet.

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