Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dustin Hoffman at the New Yorker Festival with a Screening of 'Quartet'

Susan Morrison interviewed Dustin Hoffman after a screening of "Quartet," a beautiful comedy Dustin
directed. I do mean beautiful. Set in the English countryside, the colored leaves rustle, the grass
whispers, the floors are polished in the elegant residence. It is magnificent. Funny, heart-warming,
and sweet.

I saw a screening of this movie about five months ago and loved it too. At that time it was said to
still be in a rough state. I guess I'm not savvy enough to tell because I loved it then too. Everyone
must see this movie.

Dustin's interview was my favorite live interview ever. I have loved most. I loved Daniel Radcliff
and Hugh Jackman and all the others, but Dustin spoke of his days with Arthur Miller and when
he was roommates with Gene Hackman and Robert Duvall. He talked about 'The Graduate.'
I felt like I was witnessing a private history that made me want to have the evening go on and on
and on. Rather like when I'm at a Hugh Jackman Broadway show or a Mark Rylance. I never,
ever want them to end.

I almost got a picture with Dustin. I took a picture of him with a lady and he came off the stage and
said, "I should come down there for that." He was swept over here and there and then in conversation
with a lady for a while and then he had to go.

So, Dustin, if you google this and it comes up, you said you would be in a picture with me. Where??? And when??? tee hee

I got a picture with the wonderful Billy Connolly who Dustin introduced and these great pics of Dustin while
Susan interviewed him. He is simply awesome and you will love, love, love Billy in "Quartet." BTW, he's in the 'Hobbit' movies too.

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