Sunday, October 28, 2012

'Cloud Atlas' before the kooky storm

Yesterday I committed a kindness and I went to see 'Cloud Atlas.' And that's what this movie is about. Partly. The other part is doing the opposite of kind. Being mean. How, do you ask, did going to see a movie make me kind? I'll just say disappearing for a while was kind and it didn't matter where, but a movie is what I chose.

It's long. Three hours. And I'm pretty sure they showed at least 30 minutes of trailers before. Most of the trailers were really good. I cannot wait to see 'Les Miserable' and I can watch that trailer a thousand times. Probably how many times I'll see the movie.

But back to the Wachowski film, 'Cloud Atlas.' There is a lot going on. Tom Hanks and Halle Berry had six or seven parts each. Hugh Grant is four characters, maybe three.

Here's the thing. You've got to play with others. They keep popping up from lifetime to lifetime. If you ain't nice, you pay the piper. If you are nice, you're going to slip out of tight situations like grease. Oh yeah, Mr. Smith from 'The Matrix,' was a badass then, and he's a badass now. See how it works! :)

Watch all the characters do this....Good stuff! Karma.

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