Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Garden Party with Russell Crowe and Sting

Last night. Phenomenal. I went to see 'The Garden Party' with Russell Crowe and his talented group of singers and musicians. The stage was beautiful, looking like a twinkling light, garden party.

Russell came out on the stage and then came down the steps and through the audience from front to back. If you've read my other posts and have learned that magical, tremendous things happen, I had another one.

I was lead to my seat which wasn't my seat. It was a perfect seat. The girl looks at me and says, "You're seat isn't available." I yelled "Sweet."

On his tour through the audience, Russell was standing next to me. Whoa. I love him. I love his voice. He was funny and tremendous. Sometimes he sang along, played the guitar, sang with Samantha (her American debut) and brothers from Ireland rapped and sang as did other talented people. They were a group and then solo and it was all great.

An encore, and then Russell said, "My friend is coming if you want to wait. He's on the other side of town." 98% wanted to wait. Silly 2% who left. Sting came out and sang....

My favorite musician of all time, Sting. Love love love this night!!!!
Love, love, love this week!!!

Love, love, love NYC.


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  1. Great Post Suzie!!!! So glad you stayed and it was Sting :-)