Sunday, October 14, 2012

Comic Con in town and Kevin Smith and Comic pals at Gramercy Theater

I have the weirdest, coolest experiences. Friday night I was excited about getting to Gramercy Theater to see Kevin Smith and listen to him tell his
great stories. I was waiting for the bus and two pulled up at the same time. Two ladies were to the left of me and opted for the second bus. The first bus said NOT IN SERVICE. So I turned to follow back to the 2nd bus and the doors opened on the NOT IN SERVICE bus. The driver motioned for me to get in. I said, "What bus is this?" He told me and I said, "That'll work."
I zipped my metro card and took my seat on the empty bus. We moved along quickly, never stopping. I'm thinking. This is really nutty. Finally after shooting past about 6 stops and not stopping I call out to the driver, "Are you going to pick up anyone else?" He said, "I'll stop at Time Square. Where are you going?" I told him. We get to Time Square and there's another bus pulled over picking up the peeps so he goes, "No need for me to stop and he keeps going. He also tells me a story about getting stuck for 24 hours in his bus during a blizzard. I say, "Do you want me to ding the bell before my stop?" He says, "Not unless you want to." I say, "It won't do much for me." So he stops at my destination and says, "Have a great night." A bus limo to Kevin Smith. AWESOME!!!!

The show was fantastic. I laughed so hard, I cried. They talked about their favorite toys they had when they were little. View master came up. Kevin explained what it was. I still have my discs....They talked about their most disappointing toys. I related to that story, remembering how thinking something was going to be so much fun, and it was a dud. There was a story about Vincent Price and a shrunken head, but it ended up that it had to be constructed by peeling an apple and letting it sit out. Does an 8 year old boy want to peel an apple? Hell no! Funny stuff. Another story about a 'Jaws' skateboard that he wanted so badly, but gets one with palm trees on it instead.
Great night. Great fun. Hooray for Comics!!!!


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