Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Tribute to Nicole Kidman at the NYFF50

 There was an awesome tribute to Nicole Kidman at the NYFF50 on Wednesday night. They showed a montage of her great movies, ending with my personal favorite, 'Moulin Rouge.' There was a great scene from 'Eyes Wide Shut,' and 'The Hours,' 'To Die For,' 'Margot at the Wedding,' 'Rabbit Hole,' and more.

Nicole then came out on stage and was interviewed by Richard Pena, the head of the NYFF and Society Director. She wore a stunning red dress with gorgeous shoes. She looked fabulous. The interview was awesome and she talked about directors and how she gets into her parts and was entertaining and funny and informative.

Then they showed 'The Paperboy.' Whoa. Nicole was great in her part and Zac Efron was so lovable and beautiful, but I had to close my eyes a lot. Macy Gray was awesome as the housekeeper. John Cusack has never been creepy, but he sure is in this movie. And that's two sleezy parts for Matthew McConaughey back to back. 'Killer Joe,' was the last movie I saw him in. (See earlier blog) They showed that one at the Lincoln Center also and I have pics to share.

Here are the pictures from the other night.


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