Sunday, November 13, 2011

More movies. More Broadway. Can't get enough of either.

My movie this weekend was 'J. Edgar Hoover.' I was excited about a movie starring Leonardo and directed by Clint Eastwood. Straight from work to the movie seat on Friday night. It was a history lesson for me. I learned a lot about J. Edgar Hoover I never knew. Can't say I knew much. Interesting character, for sure. Acting was great. They're really getting perfect at making actors look old. You know how usually you see where the skull cap is stuck on or it looks like glue or something pulling the face a certain way and then covered with make-up. Not this one. Leonardo (J. Edgar Hoover) and Naomi Watts (Helen Gandy), and Armie Hammer (Clyde Tolson), go from young to very old and it looks authentic. The movie slides back and forth between the decades, but with flawlessness that's easy to follow since Clint Eastwood is magnificent at directing.

Yesterday I went to see 'Seminar.' It's a new Broadway show that is just now in previews and stars Alan Rickman and Jerry O'Connell and Lily Rabe. Here's a good tidbit for you. Snape is just on Broadway on the same street as Harry Potter. When you come out of the Golden Theatre where 'Seminar' is playing, you can see Daniel Radcliffe, larger than life as J. Pierrepont Finch in 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.'  'Seminar' is a play by Theresa Rebeck about four writers who hire Leonard (Alan Rickman) to teach them, insult them. abuse them, cut them to the soul. I've had two writing teacher who were very similar to Leonard. I called them assholes just as they do in the play and I learned so much from them, just as they do from Leonard. The dialogue is funny and witty. I loved it because I related to it so much. Jerry O'Connell is having his Broadway debut in this show and he is excellent in his loud pants of purple, red, and orange. Alan Rickman, it goes without saying, is tremendous. 

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