Saturday, November 3, 2012

'The Good Mother' and 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood'

The week  of the big, bad hurricane and all the Broadway and Off-Broadway shows I can see. Being a Florida gal I can tell you that hurricanes blow. Pun intended. But this is NYC and the show must go on if at all possible. A couple of years ago I saw a play during a blizzard with Alicia Silverstone and Laura Linney. 'Time Stands Still.' It was absolutely no fun getting to that show that day.

Since the transit system isn't still 100% I walked to and from 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood' the other night and got to 'The Good Mother' today with no problem.

Tomorrow may be a little tougher. 'Exonerated is a bit farther downtown. I was there about a week ago and met some of the rotating cast; Trudie Styler and Martin Short. Bernadette Peters was there too so we took a group shot. Pics to follow.

'The Mystery of Edwin Drood,' is a fun musical with Chita Rivera. It is the last thing Charles Dickens wrote. He didn't finish it and the audience gets to vote on the ending. It's at Studio 54 and a very good time. Chita is ageless and beautiful and awesome and a show stopper.



'The Good Mother,' stars Gretchen Mol. She is excellent and I was  engaged and entertained throughout the entire play. I can always tell if I'm really into what's going on on stage. If not, I fidget more and more. I didn't fidget once.

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