Monday, August 22, 2011

Jersualem closes with a final brilliant performance by all the cast

'Twas like a fairy tale!

I strugged with myself. Do I go to see "Jerusalem again or do I not?" See prior posts.
The angel won and I went, knowing that I would be very sad if I did not bask in the
wonder of that marvelous play and it's actors one more time.

I first saw Carol Kane as I stood in line to go in. Once inside I saw Steve Buscemi take
 a seat a few rows ahead of me. Then the usher comes over to me and asks if I would
mind moving down front. I was in the orchestra back row. I said, "No. I don't mind."
And there is Liam Neeson giving me his ticket so he could sit in the back.  He said I was
very sweet.  Honestly I would have traded seats with anyone, but I was getting a better
seat, so cool.

And then, across the aisle is Brooke Shields and Alicia Silverstone with their hubbies.
I'm a big fan of Alicia's book and website, "The Kind Life." Great receipes and sharing
of food and kind things.....

The play began. I was mesmerized once again. Mark Rylance is too much for words.
I could watch his performances for days on end. Mackenzie Crook is tremendous.
Maybe you know him from British TV, "The Office" or "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.
Spectacular. And Alan David as the Professor, stupendous! Everyone is simply fantatic.

Come back soon. All of you!!!! If you're going to London, catch it there.

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