Friday, August 12, 2011

'The Help' with Emma Stone

Just saw 'The Help.' Fantastic movie, great title, excellent cast. Emma Stone was marvelous. Viola Davis took my heart in many scenes, Octavia Spencer was tremendous, Bryce Dallas Howard was a perfect meanie, Allison Janney was super as always, Cicely Tyson is always a pleasure to see on screen, and Sissy Spacek was brilliant. Anna Camp, the creepy preacher's wife from 'True Blood,' got to play that character again in this movie, a shallow southern belle. Still a great character. And even with lots of characters, it wasn't too much. Another opening night where the audience clapped when the movie ended. I love that. Another night when the audience was well behaved. I love that even more.

I saw somne trailers of movies I so can't wait to see. 'Like Crazy,' I'm very excited about and love everything Anton Yelchin is in if I haven't mentioned that before. This movie is a love story and a winner at Sundance. Also, next Friday night is 'Fright Night' with Anton Yelchin again and Colin Farrell. Schwing.

Saw an interesting trailer for a Disney movie with Jennifer Garner. It's called 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green.' Magical and fun, I think.

Keep 'em coming. Movies. Movies. Movies.

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