Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jane Fonda in NYC with brand new book 'Prime Time'

     Jane Fonda's in town talking about her new book 'Prime Time.' I ran out and bought it yesterday and attended a really awesome evening at the 92Y with her speaking for about 90 minutes about her new book. She is an excellent speaker, and unlike many, she stood up at the podium and spoke without an interviewer next to her. She shared personal experiences, research, and many positive words about growing older. It was very inspiring and I can't wait to read the entire book. She also covers the topics of love, friendship, sex, and exercise.
     I met Jane when her biography came out and at that time she spoke about still believing in love and said she'd like to meet someone on her terms now that she'd learned not to act like she believed someone wanted her to be. You might have to read that sentence twice. tee hee Anyhoo, I asked her why she didn't start with making another movie with Robert Redford about that subject. She looked at me so funny. I'll not forget that look. I still don't know why it seemed like such a crazy suggestion. Or maybe I just read it wrong. She signed my book and drew a heart anyway so maybe she thought it was a good idea. Last night she thanked me for coming, but didn't draw a heart.
      Tonight, she's doing a talk at Barnes and Noble in Union Square. It's going on right now as a matter of fact.
     Here's a pic of Jane from last night. She looks marvelous!

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