Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finally. Beat the heat and saw 'Friends with Benefits'

I had every intention of running to see Friends with Benefits on Friday as soon as it opened. I was side-tracked and missed my timing after that. But I just returned from seeing it today and I have to say my first impulse was right on. I truly loved it. Not 'Harry Potter' loved it, of course, but to be the movie I see only a week later, it made me very happy. I think Mila and Justin had incredible chemistry. The settings were beautiful to me; NYC and L.A. I love knowing each place they filmed. The dialogue was great. The theater was totally filled and that's a good sign also. I meant to get to Captain America also, but didn't make it yet. I'd say I'm slipping lately, but that's not really true because I still see most movies before they even come out. And I spent yesterday, staying out of the heat and writing a script that will thrill the world. I hope!!!!

If you're looking for a romantic movie that's lots of fun go see 'Friends with Benefits' if you haven't already. It's great!

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