Sunday, July 10, 2011

Countdown for 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows II" and the things I've learned that could be connected to the countdown

Just got back to town after being gone for a week and went to see Horrible Bosses. It is funny, but I liked Bad Teacher better.

Now I'm afraid I'll have trouble getting my Imax ticket for Harry on
Friday. Could be sold out. Yikes. If so, I'll settle for seeing it on the regular screen and then go back and see it on Imax. We had 3 of the movies on while I was gone and watched them and I'm going to try to
watch some of Goblet of Fire tonight as long as I can make it.

I bought the issue of Vogue that's on the stands and read it in the airport last night. Emma Watson is on the cover with a feature story.
Thus, the title of this blog. What I learned from reading the article was that Emma read Patti Smith's book, Just Kids and found it to be inspiring and much more. So, of course, sitting there in the airport, having just finished the article, I have to whispernet that book to my Kindle. Dangerous! I did not know that Patti Smith had written a book.
I did not know that she used to live with Robert Mapplethorpe, and that she has written a very enjoyable book. I haven't finished it, so I'm sure there's much more to learn from it.

From the Vogue article I also learned that Emma went to Brown University. She found solice by talking about stardom with James Franco who is also going to school in Rhode Island and Yale and acting, writing books, making art, and hosting ballet events here in NYC. That guy does get around. Tomorrow I'll write about meeting him, share the pics and tell you about his book that came out last year.....

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