Saturday, November 19, 2011

Diane Keaton and her new book 'Then Again'

I have never heard anyone say that they do not like Diane Keaton. After meeting her last Wednesday night, I can say I know why. She is one of the most honest, down to earth, intelligent, gracious people I have ever met.

She did a book signing at Barnes and Noble. The crowd was tremendous. It's a very large space and well over an hour before time for the event to begin, all seats were taken and people were lining up behind the seats. Go NYC!

Diane came straight from the Daily Show with a huge smile and lots of positive energy. She read from her book which is about her and her mother and family and doesn't leave out Woody or Warren or Al. As she read one part about her mother, she had to stop. She was getting emotional. I started crying too. Wow. Her mother was born the same year as my mother and died the same year. I told her as she was signing my book. She asked, "What was her name?" I said, "Sally." She held the book out to me and said, "This is for Sally." Whoa. Need Kleenex!

Here are some pictures from the event and a marvelous lady!

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