Tuesday, October 11, 2011

'The Ides of March' is one more shout out against corruption

It's everywhere I turn. There's a message sounding out loud and clear. There are documentaries about the 1% who own it all and there's #occupy Wall Street going on. There are movie and tv shows shouting about the corruption and 'The Ides of March' is the newest. The message I got from this movie was, even if you're idealistic and good, if you're in politics, they'll get you.

But....I watched X Files last night and Scully was having none of it. A season 4 episode where she's brought before congress to tell them the whereabouts of her partner, Fox Mulder aka Spooky Mulder. She's composed and determined and she ain't talkin'.  Hoorah

Whoda thunk I liked 'Moneyball' better than 'Ides' and of course I liked 'Real Steel' better. Not to say I didn't love all performances and actors in all the movies. I did. It's just that like the rest of you, I'm ready to NOT LISTEN to what someone of authority says. I'm ready to stand up for what's right! I'm ready to stare them in the eye like Scully!!!! So the movies that reflect this feeling seem to be the theme of the day. Come out of the theatre rooting for the underdog.

'Ides of March' movies are the reminders of what's wrong with this world!!!!!

An encounter with David Duchovny aka Mulder.

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