Sunday, June 23, 2013

Savion Glover at The Joyce and "World War Z" not to mention "Man of Steel" and "This is the End"

Hi. Looks like the summer is warming up in more ways than one. Movies. Movies. Movies. And if you're in the area of NYC and love dance, don't miss Savion Glover at The Joyce Theater. "STePz" is the clever, fun name of the show. I've seen Savion six times now and have loved each show. I have to say, it just keeps getting better and I don't know how when I always think it's one of the best things I've ever seen.

Before I get on to the movies, I want to mention "Newsies" on Broadway. I've seen a lot of Broadway and "Newsies" is now in my top five of all time. I think it is number 2 after "Jerusalem" with Mark Rylance. The dancing, the singing, the actors, the story, all incredible.

Two reasons to visit NYC. Savion and "Newsies."

I liked both "World War Z" and "Man of Steel." I didn't love them like I loved "Iron Man 3," but I enjoyed them. "This is The End" was funny and another one I love, James Franco. He's awesome in it.

The Zombies were pretty cool in "World War Z." There are a lot, a lot of them. Brad is always nice to watch. It has some nail biting moments. I would have liked a little more.

The new Superman , Henry Cavill, is very cute. He did a wonderful job and Russell Crowe was perfect. There's a new lego of Jor-El which Russell tweeted he was excited about because his two sons love legos so much. I didn't care a whole lot for so many scenes of the spaceship that looked like a giant roach. Amy Adams and Diane Lane were good too.

Coming up...."The Lone Ranger".....cannot wait!!!! 


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