Saturday, January 12, 2013

Two Broadway Shows and three movies this week. Hi ho! First 'Django Unchained'

I finally saw 'Django Unchained' last night. So worth the wait. My favorite Tarantino movie to date. I am a huge fan of 'Djanogo' anyway and have the DVD's from Franco Nero's 'Django' days. I was so
happy to see him in it. For those of you who don't know, Franco Nero (married to Vanessa Redgrave), an Italian actor who is in 'Camelot' (one of the best movies ever) with Vanessa and the the awesome Richard Harris, is in a scene in 'Django Unchained.' When Jamie Foxx (the title character in this version) meets him, he tells him his name and says "the D is silent." The response from Nero, "I know," takes a swig of his drink and leaves. Tarantino at his best!!! Kerry Washington is great in it and Christoph Waltz, superb!!! As is Jamie Foxx. The scene with Leonardo's sister at the end (not giving it away), gave me uncontrollable giggles. Leonardo, always great, plays creepy well and I would much rather see him be the good guy.

The off-Broadway show 'A Golden Age,' is wonderful. Bebe Neuwirth is in it and I have always loved Bebe. Ethan Phillips is also in it. I just saw him in 'Bad Santa,' a movie we watched for Christmas. Love that one. The play is tremendous. It is about four opera singers and the composer.

The other Broadway show this week was 'Picnic.' There are many people in that. I met Natasha McElhone waiting for the elevator. I told her I love her in 'Californication,' and she thanked me with her glorious British accent. She said she was there because two people from 'Californication' were in it: Madeleine Martin (who plays their daughter in the show) and Maggie Grace. Also in the play:
Ellen Burstyn and Mare Winningham and Elizabeth Marvel. Elizabeth Marvel is really getting around lately so I hope that it is something to do with the planets (we have the same birthday). She is in 'Hyde Park on Hudson,' 'Bourne Idenity,' and 'Lincoln.' BTW, the play is aweseome. An oldie but a goodie.

And last for this post, but not least because there are no leasts here....'The King of Comedy.' It is a movie from 1983 starring Robert DiNero and directed by Martin Scorcese. How did I miss it all these years? It was shown at the IFC and chosen by Fred Armisen for the MSF event. The Q & A after was fantastic and I learned a lot again. Thank you so much!

I have pictures to share still, but this is not picture friendly lately so I will add them when  I can.
Happy Entertainment!!!

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