Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Expendables 2" "Total Recall" "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" "Lawless" "Hope Springs" "Bourne Legacy"

Just because I haven't been writing about all the movies I've seen doesn't mean I haven't been going. For me going to the movies is like breathing. I'll be there. I've been so busy writing movies, that I have ignored writing about movies. I am working on a trilogy that will be completed in the not too distant future. And la la.

I have some pics I took to share of Meryl Streep when she and Tommy Lee and Steve Carell went to the Apple Store in Soho to talk about the movie. They all jumped out of their own SUV's and ran inside.

I'll begin with "Hope Springs." I am not a fan of movie demographics. I love all movies, but I suppose if you didn't look at this as a movie with the finest of actors playing interesting characters, a beautiful location, and finding resolution to problems that plague people throughout their lives, you may narrowly think that this film is for couples who've been married for decades. That would be wrong. It's for everyone and for all the reasons just mentioned.

Moving on to something way different...."Lawless" which just started this Friday. Anything with Shia Lebeouf will have me in the audience. Add to that the always magnificence of Gary Oldman and Guy Pierce. I had to close my eyes a lot in this one, but I loved Shia's character as I love every character he plays. Lots of ick. Smash. Slug.

I loved the "Bourne Legacy." That was a real nail bitter and I am such a fan of Matt Damon that I didn't know how Jeremy Renner would stand up to  stepping into the series. Here's how....Excellent....And Rachel Weisz is always awesome.

"The Expendables 2." I love Jason Statham and I go see every movie that he is in. I liked this one mostly because he was in it and Sly was such a sweetie that I liked him too. A bonus is that Charisma Carpenter plays Jason's girlfriend.

"The Odd Life of Timothy Green" is awesome. What a beautiful movie. Jennifer Garner is always great and that little boy is precious.

Enjoy the pictures from Soho.


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