Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two Greats this week .... Geoffrey Rush and Glenn Close

Mid week this week Geoffrey Rush joined Annette Insdorf and Fred Shepisi and Alexandra Shepisi for a Q & A following a screening of 'The Eye of the Storm.'

The film is Australian as is the director, Fred Shepisi and his beautiful daughter, Alexandra, Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis who star in the film.

Excellent performances and an excellent director who also directed 'Roxanne' and 'The Russia House.'

The following night I went to see 'Albert Nobbs,' starring Glenn Close with a Q & A following with Glenn and Robert Milazzo, the director of the Modern Film School.

I had not seen 'Albert Nobbs' and found it to be a great film. Glenn talked about how difficult it was to raise the money for it. That was a discussion both nights.

It's interesting because I recently listened to a Comic Con webcast and that was about how all the money is going into action, super hero movies right now, but the gentleman who writes books about the topic and who was talking during the webcast, seems to think that it will peak out. He said there were a lot of frustrated people in San Diego at Comic Con this year. It has become too big.

What does this mean for films? I'll share the highlights of what I learn here. I am holding out for big and little films since my trilogy will be in the big realm. :)  But I also love the independent, low budget movies. I think there's a place for everything.

Here are some pictures of Glenn Close. Geoffrey Rush's was held in a place where photos are not allowed.


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