Saturday, September 1, 2012

Boston or Bust an Adventure

I took off with a friend to Boston last weekend. We didn't go to any movies, read any books, see any plays or meet any celebrities, but we sure had fun. We even had dinner at 'Cheers' where we did see the gang on the wall.

If you're planning a trip to Boston, don't believe it when someone tells you that it's the walking city. NYC is the walking city. Very different in Boston. One taxi ride was $34.00. Things to see are far apart.

The weather was absolutely perfect. Not a cloud in the sky and a cool breeze. We took a ferry from the wharf in Boston over to Salem. It takes an hour and it is fabulous. Especially on a gorgeous day. In Salem we went into a Witch store and a store that sold books and candles and crystals. I asked for a book that wasn't commerical and got some mumbo jumbo about all books being commercial. The girl just didn't have one in the shop. I'm sure such things can be found.

Back in Boston, we visited Harvard, Fenway Park, The Boston Common, and a church built in 1669. That was really awesome.

Here's another travel tip for you if you go to the wharf in Boston to catch the ferry, and you're hungry, and you're vegetarian like me.....forget about it. You can have fried dough. I had a giant doughy pretzel. Likes of hot dogs and sausages around if you eat that. I mean lots.

I have a friend who lives there who told me before hand that there are vegan places around. I just didn't find them on this trip.

Lots of stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned......
Here's some Boston photos....


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