Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A night at the movies. Met Ellen Barkin and saw 'Shit Year'

It was a very good night here in NYC. I went downtown to the IFC to see the film, 'Shit Year.' It stars Ellen Barkin and she was there to
do a Q and A afterward.

The movie is black and white and artsy. I liked it. The black and white
suited it perfectly. I can't even imagine it in color. It's very poetic. It was directed by Cam Archer.

It is about an actress retiring from the business and going into isolation. Ellen said that she related to that. She said that when you
get to be a certain age you think of what it would be like to walk away.
I told her that I hoped she did not ever decide to do that because she just keeps getting better and better. And I honestly mean that. She is
fabulous. The audience agreed. There was loud applause. :)

As a writer I hope that I can create wonderful characters for talented
actresses like Ellen. Someone needs to......

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