Sunday, September 11, 2011

Contagion the movie of the weekend

My movie this weekend was Contagion. I saw it on IMAX, but don't think that was necessary. It's rather documentary style with a lot of people in it and a it
moves very quickly. If you're going to see a movie with Matt Damon or Gwyneth or Jude Law or Kate Winslet, you don't see so much of them. Lawrence Fishburne flashes in and out as well. Jude has some really funky teeth in it, but he's still beautiful in spite of that effect. If you're grossed out by icky things, there are some eye shutting parts. Ugh.. It's entertaining and it didn't make me anymore germ guarded than I already was (which is quite a bit). :) Made me glad I'm not a meat eater.....

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