Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Broadway Cares-Flea Market and Grand Auction Celebrate its 25th year today in TimeSquare

It's the 25th year for the Broadway Flea Market/Auction and my first time to get there. Times Square on 44th Street has table after table covered with memorablilia from Broadway shows playing now to way back when. I saw a Playbill with Richard Burton on the cover (Camelot). Now that would have been something to see, the play with Richard Burton I mean. :)

I heard the auctioneers yelling about a dress going up worn by Christie Brinkley in Chicago. Size 1. Are they serious? The lady is tall. Another person said, "but the material is stretchy." How stretchy?

I got my Jerusalem baseball cap that I missed getting on the last day. And, a Tony Awards tee.

There were raffles for backstage tours with the actors and singing lessons and you could bid for opening night tickets with an after party. I didn't hang around for all that, but it was a fun first run.

Here are some pictures from the event. And btw, see my very own Hugh Jackman 'Boy From Oz' autographed CD just as a reminder to tell you that Hugh is coming back to Broadway this fall. I'll be seeing hin on October 5th so stay tuned for that excellent adventure. Also I took a pic of Harry Connick Jr who is also returning this fall in 'A Clear Day You Can See Forever.' I saw Harry in the 'Pajama Game' the last time and it was great. Hugh will be in 'Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway' opens in November. My pre-see is at my favorite hangout 92Y.

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