Monday, November 5, 2012

'Exonerated' and 'Life After Death' a book by Damien Echols

Last week I finished the book 'Life After Death' by Damien Echols. I could not put it down. It tells of his life. His innocence. His 18 years on death row. It is beautifully written and poetic. Depending on your own childhood, be it poor, middle, or maybe even wealthy, you will be able to identify with him. He touches the soul because all he had was his memories of childhood and I suspect, no matter what station you came from, you can relate to strong childhood memories of your favorite things. That is why this book is so tragic and beautiful. He takes you along on his mind trip to the past when he sat in a concrete room. I hope he writes more books and shares his experiences as he walks free and discovers more of the outside world; in all its majesty and sorrow.

Just after completing the book about an innocent person convicted of a crime, I find myself at a play: 'Exonerated.' A play about innocent people on death row. 'Exonerated' is playing Off-Broadway with a rotating cast. I saw it yesterday with Marg Helgenberger, Peter Riegert, Joe Morton, Chris Sarandon, Ameila Campbell, JD Williams, April Thompson, Bruce Kronberg, Curtis McClarin, Jim Bracchitta and directed by Bob Balaban.

Read Damien Echols book. Go to the play if you have the chance. And also, Peter Jackson has a documentary coming out next month about this.

It's one thing to sort of know that things like this might happen. It's another to hear the real stories from the people it has happened to.


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