Sunday, November 11, 2012

'Skyfall' and the Roger Moore James Bond

Thursday night Roger Moore signed his very cool Bond book and talked about his career, the seven Bond movies he was in and other fascinating tidbits. He is very funny. He said the worst part about getting older is, you lose your friends. He said, "Now I've depressed myself," and took a sip of wine. He also talked about skiing and how he stood at the top of the mountain trembling and embarrassing his children when people recognized him as James Bond who did all these fabulous stunts in the movies. He was asked what gadgets had he kept from the Bond movies he was in. He said, "None. They don't work." He was also asked what his favorite Bond film was. He said, "Skyfall. That paid me to say that." It was a very good time with a very elegant man.

The night I went to see 'Skyfall.' It is excellent. If you're a Bond fan, you will love this one. It's almost 3 hours long. Great movie. Directed by Sam Mendes, perfect!!!

The longest running franchise in movie history..... cha cha cha


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