Friday, February 3, 2012

'Learning to Live Out Loud' by Piper Laurie

 I met a lot of people this week and they were all fantastic. Piper Laurie was doing a book signing of her autobiography, 'Learning to Live Out Loud.' A lot of you probably know Piper from her role in 'Carrie.'  My favorite Piper movie is one no one spoke of during the Q & A. I mentioned it to her afterward. It's a movie called, 'Tim.' Tim was written by Collen Mccullough before she wrote 'The Thorn Birds.' If I remember correctly, it was her first book. And it's a great book. What a fantasy. Piper plays the older lady who has this gardner who is gorgeous, but rather simple minded. They fall in love. The young man is played by Mel Gibson. This is before he was known here in the States. It's Australian. Any hoo, I watched Piper in 'The Hustler' the other night just because I'd met her and can watch any movie with Paul Newman in it over and over. It had been a really long time since I'd seen that one. Her book is wonderful. She's had a very interesting life. She wrote it entirely herself. She didn't speak much as a child, thus the title of the book. Here's some pictures from the other night. Piper just turned 80 and she looks wonderful. She's real and real is much more beautiful.

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