Friday, February 3, 2012

Ed Burns 'Newlyweds' is awesome

As soon as you get the chance, I highly recommend Edward Burns latest movie, 'Newlyweds.'  If you love NYC movies as I do and all Woody Allen fans do, then you'll love this. It's all about relationships and how they become complicated.

Ed did a Q and A after the film and said he shot it over a 3 month period in 12 days between November and March. I could tell. It was nasty last winter and winter lasted forever. There were scenes with all that awful slush on the street.

He used a 3 man crew and unknown actors, but watch 'Nice Guy Johnny' and you'll see some of the same actors like Max Baker who was in that play I go on and on about, 'Jerusalem.'  They're all great characters in both movies and you really like them or not, but it's because you're not supposed to if you don't.

Ed Burns is tremendous. I've always been a huge fan, but now even more so because now I know how truly nice and down to earth he is.

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