Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Tribeca Film Festival celebrated 100 Years of Universal with Robert De Niro and Judd Apatow today

A perfect day to wait in a line to get inside the theater in Tribeca. And once inside, they began with a composite of Universal films, flashing scenes from so many great movies. I actually started to cry. I had seen all but one. I'm not telling which one.

Robert De Niro and Judd Apatow came on stage with moderator, Mike Fleming and talked about their movies. Judd was really funny. Mike asked him if he ever thought about acting and he said that he had done a 'Jack in the Box' commercial when he was 20. He said he kept pointing and the director taped his arms to his thighs. That ended his acting career. De Niro said that he thought Judd would be a good actor, speaking as a director. Then Mr. De Niro said that he thought there were many people who would be good actors.

Judd said (this isn't word for word) that he thought he'd complemented him, but now he thought everyone was good.

Maybe you had to be there. It was a great time. Here are some pictures for you......

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