Saturday, January 7, 2012

'The Iron Lady'

Just got home from seeing 'The Iron Lady.' Meryl, you amaze and astound me. What a performance! The theater was packed and as I left I heard people all around just talking about how marvelous Meryl is. And for those of you who are old Buffy fans like me, good ole Giles is in it for a little bit. His hair is much different. It was fun to see him. The movie is very good. I'd rate it higher than I saw that it was rated on IMDB. Jim Broadbent was so lovable in it as her husband.

I did have the extreme good fortune of going to a poetry reading at The Lincoln Center where Meryl, Sting, Matt Dillon, Gabriel Byrne, Alan Cummings, Rosanne Cash, Julian Schnabel and maybe a few I'm not remember, read poetry. I was with G and he took these for pics ...after 'The Iron Lady' pic.   btw   I've never heard poetry read the way Meryl did it. Watching the movie reminded me of how I didn't think I could be anymore blown away....but today, I was!  :)

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